Jake Chapter 4 is a chapter of Jake Story in Resident Evil 6. Jake and Sherry make their journey throughout Lanshiang, meeting allies like Chris, Piers, Leon, Helena and a mysterious figure on their way, while facing the return of Ustanak and the undesirable truth about Sherry's mentor Derek C. Simmons.


Desperately making their escape through the heart of the bioterror attack in China, Jake and Sherry are eventually surrounded by Neo-Umbrella's forces. Just when things are looking bleak, Chris and the BSAA show up and rescue the pair. However, under strict orders to avoid contact with others, Sherry and Jake part ways with Chris without so much as a word. On the run once more, Sherry and Jake witness a U.S. government plane crash right before their eyes. When they arrive at the site of the crash, they find Leon Kennedy, who—years ago—had saved Sherry's life. Leon informs Sherry that Derek C. Simmons, her superior, is in fact the man behind the bioterror outbreak. Having made plans to rendezvous with Simmons but now unsure of if she can trust him, Sherry tells Leon where Simmons is and agrees to meet with Leon again at her rendezvous point.

After arriving there, Sherry finds Leon and Helena facing off against Simmons. Simmons readily admits that he indeed is behind the outbreak, but claims that it was in order to maintain both U.S. and global stability. Simmons then orders his guards to shoot Leon and Helena. Having a personal score to settle with Simmons, Leon and Helena urge Sherry and Jake to escape, offering them cover.

However, Sherry and Jake run right into a nest of J'avo and are quickly overpowered. Despite their best efforts, the pair are caught once more.


Chapter 4-1: City and Highway

Chapter 4-2: Poisawan Courtyard

Chapter 4-3: Poisawan - Shopping District

Chapter 4-4: Shopping District

Chapter 4-5: Airplane Crash Site

Chapter 4-6: Stilt Housing Area


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