Jake concept art
Jake's original concept art depicts something that is very similar to the end result. His China outfit was unchanged and his Edonia clothing is identical but with different colors, the black coat and pants becoming more of a blue shade and his black gloves and grey shirt are both an olive green. In Jake's official character render, the emblem on his sleeve is a triangular shape with a downward facing spider and the name of his mercenary group was printed on a blue banner that overlapped it. However, the eventual in-game result is identical to the one seen in his concept drawings.

The most notable change between Jake's concept art and his in-game model is his hair. In his concept art, he is depicted with short-cut blond hair, something that more closely resembles the appearance of his father. However, this was changed and Jake was instead given a buzz-cut with red hair.

Appearance and Wardrobe

Jake resembles his father in some regards, such as his long facial features and narrowed blue eyes, and he is the same height as Wesker (although until Resident Evil 5, Wesker's height was only 6'0"). He has light-red hair in a buzz-cut style and a long scar diagonally across his left cheek.

While in Edonia, he wears a camouflaged navy blue double breasted coat with an olive green t-shirt. He also wears navy blue cargo pants with a matching boy scout style belt, an ammo pouch on his right leg, as well as green finger-cut gloves and black combat boots. The left sleeve on Jake's coat bears the emblem of his employers, the Edonian Liberation Army which bears a reference to Dante Alighieri. The emblem is shaped like a traditional shield, colored red with a picture of a spider facing upwards and an orange banner along the bottom with the name inscribed upon it. This is different from the original design of a triangular emblem with the spider facing downwards and a blue banner.

When Jake changes his clothes in Lanshiang, he wears a black long-sleeve shirt with a low-cut v-neck and black leather gloves. He also wears fitted black pants with suspenders, the same boy scout belt now adorned with more pouches and a hip holster.

In The Mercenaries, Jake's extra costume is a gangster type outfit. It consists of a shiny black puffer jacket with an orange cheetah print stripe starting from the front and going across the back as well as on the edges of his pockets worn over a black t-shirt with a white design on it. He also wears black pants with the same belt from his original outfits and black boots. His accessories include a pair of sunglasses and a chain necklace with a design resembling a "J" for Jake. His second extra costume can be unlocked through Resident and is identical to the first except it has a purple jacket with a yellow cheetah print stripe. Jake's third extra costume is a retro version of him in his Edonia outfit and can also be earned through Resident

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