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Jamal Hawkins is the Head of Security at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who became involved in a bioterror incident.[1]


Hawkins at been working at the museum for a substantive amount of time prior to the Pittsburgh Incident and was familiar with the routines and systems at his place of work, as well as having built up a friendly repertoire with his co-workers.

Pittsburgh Bioterror Incident[]

At some point in 2006, Hawkins was scheduled to work the nightshift prior to the museum's grand opening of its Greco-Roman antiquities exhibit and kindly assisted a new employee as to the functions of the museum and it's updated state-of-the-art security system. When José Santiago noticed an abnormality with one of the air vents the monitors, Jamal entrusted Monica to investigate, finding an explosive device located in the ventilation shaft which detonated before she could alert him, killing her.

The next day, Jamal meets with the museum director Abigail Schwartz, Pittsburgh detective Joseph Pascazzi, and USSTRATCOM agent Leon Kennedy, operating as a representative on behalf of the FBI. Agent Kennedy informs the trio that the explosive used in the attack was noticeably similar to a remote device used in a previous case, theorizing that the bomb was intended to be set off on the exhibit's opening day, but that Monica had inadvertently triggered it when she attempted to warn Hawkins over her radio.

Hawkins points out that the security system did not catch the moment that the perpetrator planted the bomb, prompting Kennedy to conclude that the bomb was planted with the help of an inside mole. An hour later, Kennedy checks the staff's personnel files in the break room only to find that Mack Storm was involved in the past bombing case. Hawkins informs him that Storm had just moved to Pittsburgh from St. Louis, Missouri on recommendation from retired staff member Philip Zelenetsky, and had been interviewed following the aftermath of the bombing.[2]

Following thorough inspection of Mack Storm's house, the discovery of identity theft from the former by a man named Frank Wright and the outbreak occurred in Allegheny County Medical Examiner's office where Monica's charred corpse is left, Leon contacts Abigail and is informed of his absence alongside fellow guard José Santiago and urges her to bring the two of them to the hospital to check for T-Virus infection. Shortly after, Leon contacts Lieutenant Greenwalt and urges him to send out officers to confirm their safety and escort to the hospital. After the outbreak at the M.E office is contained, Leon is informed that Jamal and José are en route to the hospital.

Arriving at Allegheny General Hospital, Leon is informed by the staff that Jamal and José are hold in isolation with both of them appearing to have particularly unusual Influenza strain as well as their immune system having difficulty in fighting off the disease. Kennedy advises the staff to send blood samples over to a federal lab for t-Virus testing with the hospital workers reluctant due to their limited understanding of t-Virus, but get right on it. After the incident, it is presumed that Jamal and José made through their critical conditions and are cured of their afflictions.