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For James' clone, see James Shade (clone).

James Shade,[1] operating under the call-sign of "One", was the leader of the Sanitation Team, a paramilitary team under the control of Umbrella. In 2002, he lead a mission to secure the Hive and shut down the Red Queen, where he was killed. Having submitted genetic material to the company prior, a series of clones were created by the company for a number of years.



As James and his team proceeded to enter the Queen's chamber, the Red Queen's defenses were tripped, activating a high powered laser beam. He and two of his men were able to dodge the laser in time, but at the expense of his medic's life and one of his subordinate's fingers. When attacked by the laser a second time, James successfully dodged the beam, but lost another teammate. Though the rest of his team were killed in their attempts to dodge the laser, James managed to survive long enough to evade several of its traps.

In the final gambit to dodge the computer's laser, he was caught off guard when the Red Queen created a chain-link-like laser grid. The grid passed through him, slicing him into small cubic pieces; Chad Kaplan was only seconds away from disabling the defenses.


During the survivors' attempt to escape the recently released horde of Undead, Kaplan notices that the remains of One and the rest of his team are missing from the Queen's chamber.

While in Umbrella Prime, Alice encounters a clone of James working as an Umbrella trooper. While Alice recognizes the clone, he like the Carlos clone and "Bad Rain" show no recognition of her.

In The Final Chapter, while making her way through the Hive to find the anti-virus, Alice rediscovers the laser corridor and remembers the deaths of James and his team there. Alice then finds some of the team's leftover equipment, including better guns and explosives she uses to destroy the Hive and effectively end Umbrella.


Further notes

  • Prior to Retribution, James' name was only shown in the extracanonical DeCandido novels. As such his name was officially given simply as "One".
  • Prior to taking off his gas mask in his introductory scene, James Shade was played by actor Martin Crewes.[2]


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