DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

James "One" Shade was a member of the Umbrella Security Division who took part in the mission to the Hive in 2002.


By the end of the 1990s, James Shade had participated in three separate military campaigns - the South American jungles; Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Because of his experiences, he was selected by fellow Gulf War veteran Timothy Cain to join Umbrella.[1]

The Hive

The evident incompetence of the Raccoon City Police Department by not having Matt Addison on their file since he was a new entry greatly angered him, since as an officer he enjoyed order. He filled in Alice Abernathy and Percival S. Parks on the situation and what they were doing in the mansion after the Red Queen's defenses gave them amnesia. He greatly impressed them with his leadership skills.


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