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Jane was the daughter of Anita and Nick. They lived in the suburbs of Raccoon City.


In August 1998, Jane and her mother went trekking into the Arklay Mountains despite a recent series of cannibalistic homicides and animal attacks still being unsolved. After finding the ruins of the Spencer Mansion, the two were attacked by the Cerberus pack and were separated. While Jane escaped back home, Anita went missing. Over the next month, Jane and her friend Jim became increasingly agitated as the police did very little to solve her mother's disappearance, ending the investigation after finding a shredded jacket and concluding it was an animal attack without searching for the body.[2]

After suffering teasing about her mother's disappearance by bullies at Raccoon City High School, Jane and Jim went out into the mountains to look for Anita. Returning to the ruined mansion, they were confronted by a horde of zombies and were forced to flee back to Jane's house.[3]


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