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January Van Sant (ジャニアリー・ヴァン・サント Janiarī Van Santo?) was a Raccoon City citizen. Some time in mid-1998, she was abducted by the Umbrella Corporation after being commissioned by a reporter of the News Comet to find information about illegal dealings between Umbrella USA and the Raccoon City Police Department.[1]


Van Sant's main abilities in Project Resistance are "Overload" and "EMP". With "Overload", Van Sant is able to disable cameras to limit Daniel Fabron's ability to keep control of the Umbrella facility. "EMP" stops all cameras working, and increases the cost of using cards.[2]

Skill listEdit

Name Type Category Description
EMP Fever Skill Interference Jan uses an EMP to impair all cameras, obstructing the Mastermind's actions.
Greatly increases the Mastermind's skill cost for 15 second(s).
Base cooldown: 180 second(s)
Overload Personal Skill Instant Jan disables cameras using a signal jammer to interrupt the Mastermind's actions
Disables targeted cameras immediately after a brief startup.
Cooldown: 60 second(s)
Disrupter Rounds Ability High Caliber Jan can use electrified Disruptor Rounds to deal major damage to cameras.
Greatly increases damage to cameras.
Cyber Monday Ability Bargin Bin [sic] Jan can hack the Armory to manipulate its stock.
Lowers the price of all non-firearms in the Armory.
Novice Gear Equipment N/A Activates auto aim and will automatically use Green Herbs when low on health.



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