Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

January Van Sant (ジャニアリー・ヴァン・サント Janiarī Van Santo?) was a Raccoon City citizen.


Some time in mid-1998, she was abducted by the Umbrella Corporation after being commissioned by a reporter of the News Comet to find information about illegal dealings between Umbrella USA and the Raccoon City Police Department.[3]


Van Sant is a "Hacker"-type survivor with 1200 health. Her main abilities are "Overload" and "EMP". With "Overload", Van Sant is able to disable cameras to limit the mastermind's ability to keep control of the Umbrella facility. "EMP" stops all cameras working, and increases the cost of using cards.[4]

Skill list

Icon Name Description Type Variant
RERES sv icon customize EMP EMP Jan uses an EMP to impair all cameras, obstructing the Mastermind's actions. Fever Skill RERES sv icon customize Type002Interference
Greatly increases the Mastermind's skill cost for 15 seconds.
Base cooldown: 180 second(s)
RERES sv icon customize Type003Camera Lockdown
The Mastermind is unable to move their cameras for 15 seconds.
Base cooldown: 180 second(s)
RERES sv icon customize Overload Overload Jan disables cameras using a signal jammer to interrupt the Mastermind's actions. Personal Skill RERES sv icon customize Type004Instant
Disables targeted cameras immediately after a brief startup.
Cooldown: 60 second(s)
RERES sv icon customize Type007Lockdown
Deals massive damage to targeted cameras each second the button is held down. Maximum 15 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 second(s)
RERES sv icon customize Disruptor Rounds Disruptor Rounds Jan can use electrified Disruptor Rounds to deal major damage to cameras. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type004High Caliber
Greatly increases the damage Jan deals to cameras.
RERES sv icon customize Type003Energy Disruption
Dealing damage to active cameras pauses Mastermind Bio Energy recharge for 1 second(s).
RERES sv icon customize Cyber Monday Cyber Monday Jan can hack the Armory to manipulate its stock and prices. Passive Skill RERES sv icon customize Type003Bargain Bin
Lowers the price of all non-firearms in the Armory for Jan.
RERES sv icon customize Type001Arsenal
Causes Armories to sell random special weapons to Jan.


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  1. Base
  2. Equipment Limit increased to 4
  3. 2nd Equipment slot unlocked
  4. Equipment Limit increased to 5
  5. Disruptor Rounds: Energy Distruption unlocked
  6. Equipment Limit increased to 6
  7. Equipment Limit increased to 7
  8. Equipment Limit increased to 8
  9. Overload: Lockdown and 3rd Equipment Slot unlocked
  10. Equipment Limit increased to 9
  11. Equipment Limit increased to 10
  12. Equipment Limit increased to 11
  13. Cyber Monday: Arsenal unlocked
  14. Equipment Limit increased to 12
  15. Equipment Limit increased to 13
  16. 4th Equipment slot unlocked
  17. Equipment Limit increased to 14
  18. EMP: Camera Lockdown unlocked
  19. Equipment Limit increased to 15



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