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Jason was the former captain of the U.S. Army special forces team Mad Dogs, after a traumatic event happened on the war torn country Penamstan which leaves the team shaken from the war. Following the civil war, Jason finds himself rooted deep in the conspiracy behind in which BOW is involved in the war.

In 2006, He becomes a federal agent serving alongside Leon Scott Kennedy, Shenmei and Patrick under President Graham and his administration. He is called along with three other agents to investigate a hacking incident in The White House where several documents are stolen but becomes involved in a bio-terror attack in which Graham is targeted.[1]


Penamstan Civil War (2000)[]

At some point in his life he joined the U.S. Army, and by the year 2000 he had joined the special forces and reached the rank of Captain. In October 2000, he was in command of a squad named Mad Dogs, who were in involved in the U.S. intervention in the Penamstan civil war. When Squad Two helicopter was shot down, he and his squad refused orders from the command centre and went to secure the crash site and save survivors. The team finds one of the soldiers and drags him out of the helicopter, but they are attacked by more insurgents and they are forced to retreat and take shelter in a nearby building. One of the members informs Jason of the injured soldier Jun Shī of his heavy wounds. Jason planned for the squad to stealthily make it back to the base, but then they heard a commotion outside and witnessed a mob of civilians brutally attacking the insurgents. The civilians, who were in fact zombies soon broke into the building. Though the zombies were wiped out, they managed to infect all of the soldiers including Jason. Jun Shī, who was barely conscious, told them to reach for the "Inhibitor" inside his bags and inject it to prevent them from turning into zombies.

The Mad Dogs returned to base after walking 70 miles back to their base with Jun Shī sealed in a body-bag despite clearly being alive. They talked about how they narrowly escaped the city as it was destroyed by MK77s, and suspected that they interfered in a classified operation involving augmented soldiers and might be murdered to cover it up. While talking they were interrupted by Shenmei, then a Warrant Officer serving as a radio operator. Shenmei inquired about their radio communications made during the mission, letting slip that they were being deliberately ignored when trapped in the city. The Mad Dogs filed false reports about the incident, though only Jason and Shenmei were prepared to investigate Wilson while the others were retired out. Shenmei then used her family connections to have Jun Shī quietly smuggled out over the Chinese border to escape euthanasia.

After six years of investigating the conspiracy, Shenmei and Jason had only recently made a breakthrough with the discovery of a computer chip planted in the body of Jun Shī. This chip takes biometric data on behalf of the B.O.W. manufacturer and could potentially reveal the identity of that organization.

Penamstan Conspiracy (2006)[]

When certain documents were stolen from a secure White House computer system, four agents, including Leon and Jason, were called to the White House to investigate the incident. Shortly after, the lights went out and the agents were forced to take down hordes of zombies alongside the SWAT team. After the attack, they found out that the file was related to Institute of Biological Sciences in Shanghai. Jason went with Shenmei and Leon to travel by submarine to China to seek out the cause. Aboard the submarine, Jason remembered his hellish time in Penamstan while taking his dose of Inhibitors. As Leon knock him back to his senses, Jason mused to Leon about the nature of terror and how it is created.

Whilst Jason was aboard the submarine, a virus is released causing the rats aboard to mutate into bioweapons, quickly clearing out most of the crew. Shen and Jason made their way to the engine room where they told the engineers there to close and lock all the doors. Jason and Shenmei killed the crew and climbing aboard the escape pod as the self destruct sequence of the submarine begins. As they tried to leave, Leon reached them and attempted to board their escape pod. Jason managed to convince Shen to let Leon aboard after some issues, and the three agents escaped just as the submarine exploded.

The three traveled to a safe house in Shanghai, where they restocked and recuperated. Jason then proceeded to tell Leon his true motives, that is to expose Wilson's crime whom turning them into Bioweapons, and show the world the true terror of this outbreak, in order to make sure that Penamstan incident won't happen anymore. Jason offered Leon to cooperate with him, though he refused. This resulted in a short gunfight, with Leon fatally wound Jason and Shenmei fleeing from the scene. Though fatally shot, Jason survives due to the virus he had kept in check with Inhibitors.

Jason was later seen observing the conversation between a bound Claire Redfield and Wilson. Having had enough of Wilson's inhumane ways, he rushed and choked the secretary of defense. Wilson pleaded to let him live since he was the only one who knew how to create Inhibitors, and that without it, Jason's mutation would progress beyond control. However, Jason was adamant in his action, even stomping out a dose of Inhibitors with his foot. Jason ended up mutating and bit Wilson's neck, in order to infect him as well. However, the latter managed to survive.

As Leon and Shenmei confronted Jason, the latter was still dead set on his plan to reveal himself in the public, refusing to listen to either of them when they suggest alternatives. As Jason made his escape, the agents gave chase to the top where Leon opened fire on Jason. Jason then flipped the gantry they're stood on, sending Leon flying and causing Shen to land at Jason's feet. Shenmei then tried to appeal to his humanity by claiming that he had saved Jun Shī, but this fails as Jason tells her that he had already died 6 years ago when he become infected. He then broke Shen's arm before snapping her neck, killing her.

On the other hand, Leon managed to save Claire from the acid generated by the facility, and together, they tried to halt Jason's advance. Claire managed to lower the platform Jason was on using the facility control panel, and Leon used a Rocket Launcher to drop him. However, Jason managed to hold on and knocked Claire by throwing a steel bridge to the Control Panel room. As Jason was finally about to reach outside, Leon severed his right arm with an anti-materiel rifle. However, Jason managed to choke Leon and asked whether his action is based on duty or revenge. Jason threw Leon away after the latter refuses to answer.

Unbeknownst to Jason, Leon managed to pull the lever that severed the connection in their platform. This resulted in Jason plunging straight into the acid and becoming impaled on a steel beam, while Leon managed to grab on a loose cable. Only Jason's head and torso managed to withstand the acid for long. Jason bemused that Leon had become the carrier of the terror the former envisioned, and his body finally failed completely. His remaining corpse become heavily bloated and fell off, dissolving what remained of him.

Further notes[]

  • In Episode 4 of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Defense Secretary Wilson refers to Jason as Major, indicating a promotion while Jason was still in the Army- possible as a result of the incident in Penamstan.



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