The Javier Dam was a South American engineering feat designed and constructed under the order of Javier Hidalgo. It possessed a total reservoir storage capacity of 20 billion tons.

Inhabitants of this remote area which previously didn't have adequate electricity, felt indebted to Javier for having brought them the power generation facility. It was also touted as having contributed to raising the standard of living and financial status of his organization.

Originally, it was built to secure a large source of electricity to be used solely by Javier's organization, and also to be a non-verbal threat to districts under its control.

The dam had a complex floodgate which Javier could release and induce a massive flood disaster on areas downstream whenever he pleased.

One such example was when Javier caused an obviously intentional water discharge "accident" in an area inhabited by a defiant tribe. The entire village of eighty people was killed. When Javier knew that the Americans were coming, he went on to release B.O.W.s from his mansion and caused an outbreak in which the dam was contaminated. He quickly released the floodgate in order to stall Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser from getting further.


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