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Javier Dam (ハヴィエダム Havu~ie damu?) is a file that can be found in the Operation Javier 2 level of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



A large dam built under the order of Javier. It has a total reservoir storage capacity of 20 billion tons.

Inhabitants of this remote area which previously didn't have adequate electricity, feel indebted to Javier for having brought them the power generation facility. It is also touted as having contributed to raising the standard of living and financial status of his organization.

Originally, it was built to secure a large source of electricity to be used solely by Javier's organization, and also to be a nonverbal threat to districts under its control.

The dam has a complex floodgate which Javier could release and induce a massive flood disaster on areas downstream whenever he pleased.

One such example is when Javier caused an obviously intentional water discharge "accident" in an area inhabited by a defiant tribe. The entire village of 80 people was killed.

十分な電化施設のない僻地に発電施設を設けることで住民らに恩義を売り、 組織の財力と生活レベル向上への寄与を喧伝した。

だが本来の建設目的は、組織だけが使える専用大型電源の確保と、 支配区画への無言の「脅し」である。

ダムにはハヴィエの独断で開放可能な複数の放水口があり、 下流区域にいつでも甚大な水害を引き起こすことが出来る。

過去に一度、ハヴィエに反抗的な部族の居住区に、 明らかに意図的と目される放水事故が発生し、全村民80人が死亡した例がある。


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