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Jay Wallingford Reston[1] was a U.S. diplomat who became an employee of the Umbrella Corporation, eventually becoming one of the three leaders of its biological research division/covert bioweapons research department; White Umbrella. It was here he was given the codename Mr. Blue (due to him preferring to wear blue suits).

Reston was tasked with overseeing the construction of the B.O.W. Testing & Training Facility "B.O.W. Envirotest A" (a.k.a. "The Planet") in Utah. Reston secured his position after the previous White Umbrella official supposed to take command; Mr. Lewis, met his end in a car accident orchestrated by Reston's fellow division leaders.

Safely ensconced in his control room, Reston was able to maintain some sense of calm (after several seconds of panic), when he found a group of ex-S.T.A.R.S. officers breaking into the facility (using information procured by Trent, who ironically Reston looked up to and admired) in the hopes of gaining a White Umbrella Facility Complete Directory Code Book, of which only three are in existence, one of which Reston, due to his position, possessed.

Manipulating one of his employees; Henry Cole, to lure John Andrews and Leon S. Kennedy into the entrance of the four testing sites; Reston trapped them and expected them to be killed by the ferocious beasts and B.O.W. specimens held in the artificial environments. However, all three survived, working together to survive and fight the monsters off as they used Cole's knowledge of the facility to get through to the end.

Eventually, shortly after Cole's death in the final testing site, Andrews and Kennedy found the facility's most dangerous B.O.W.; a Tyrant named "Fossil". In the hopes of bringing the facility down, the two men de-activated Fossil's stasis unit, allowing him to run amok and began destroying the facility.

Reston attempted to escape by using Rebecca Chambers as a hostage, but was disarmed and knocked out (with Reston unaware Chambers had secured the code book by pickpocketing). Reston regained consciousness and attempted to run for the facility's elevator entrance, as the officers escaped, though was intercepted and eaten alive by Fossil just as the officers escaped.


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