Waggoner novelization
(Novelization of Final Chapter)

Jeff Moran was an American who was caught up in the global T-virus pandemic.


Prior to the outbreak Jeff was a radio DJ. For ten years he survived entirely out of luck, having no fighting skills and avoiding large groups of people should they be a viability. Ten years into the outbreak, he was captured by an Umbrella convoy while searching a derelict shop for food. He was placed in an armoured transport alongside other prisoners such as Erin Fuller and Randy Todd. Isaacs, the convoy's commanding officer, repeatedly molested Erin during the long trips, and after verbally abusing Isaacs, Jeff's tongue was cut out and thrown to the hundreds of Undead which instinctively followed the convoy. After several weaks or months, Alice was captured and added to the convoy. She succeeded in escaping, which infuriated Isaacs who would satisfy his rage by torturing and killing the prisoners, then feeding them to the Undead until only Jeff; Erin and Randy were left. When the transport reached the defended ruins of Raccoon City, Erin was killed in a trojan horse gambit to confuse the people occupying it. Jeff and Randy were rescued from the transports and joined the group. However, when entering the Hive facility, Jeff fell down a shaft and died.

Further notes

Jeff Moran is based on the minor character, The Thin Man.


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