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Resident Evil: Revelations

Jessica acts as only a partner character during campaign episodes 2–1, 3–1, 6–1, 10–1, and 11–2.

Jessica is playable in Raid Mode. Her melee attack involves her raising her right leg straight up while charging then dropping it straight down for the attack. In all her costumes Jessica uses the basic knife swing attack. Her Snowy Mountain and Vintage costumes use the Survival Knife while her Diver costume uses the Diver Knife.

Abilities (3DS) Abilities (Port) Costume Mission to unlock Mission how-to
Machine Gun  Mastery
  • Machine G. Reload Speed 200%
Costume 1 - Snowy Mountain "Level 10" Reach player level 10
Rifle Mastery
  • Rifle Reload Speed 200%
Costume 2 - Diver "TRENCH Cleared" Beat every Raid Mode stage on Trench difficulty
Costume 3 - Vintage "Level 40" Reach player level 40

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Main article: Gina Foley/gameplay

Jessica is playable in Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Raid Mode as a costume for Gina Foley.


On Resident, Jessica has two different diorama figures. Up to 30 of each of her figures can be obtained. Both of her figures share the same description.

"A former FBC agent, Jessica disappeared together with Chris as partners in a bioterrorism investigation. Her distinctive wardrobe leaves no doubt as to her extroverted nature, although her thrill-seeking attitude often causes friction within the BSAA. As she is highly intelligent, perhaps her belief that a certain amount of danger makes a woman more attractive can explain why she persists in her behavior."
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