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Jessica Trevor (died 14 November 1967) was the wife of the New York architect George Trevor, and mother of their daughter Lisa.


Trevor Family picture

The Trevor Family.

In 1967, the Spencer Mansion's construction was completed. In honor of the occasion, George, Jessica and Lisa were personally invited by Oswell E. Spencer - future co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation - to his estate to celebrate. George was unable to come due to a conflicting schedule, so Jessica and Lisa went on their own. Arriving at the estate, they were immediately taken away by Spencer's employees and hidden in an underground section of the courtyard. To keep George out of the know while awaiting his arrival, it was concocted that the two had left quickly to see a hospitalized aunt.[2]

The two women were used as test subjects for the recently discovered Progenitor Virus, with Jessica being used for "Type-A" testing. Fearing the worst was yet to come, Jessica wrote up a plan to her daughter in the hopes they'd escape before it was too late. Unfortunately, before the note could get to Lisa, Jessica was killed by Umbrella and disposed of, her corpse being sealed in a stone coffin in the depths underneath the estate. In her place assumed an impostor to keep Lisa satisfied, however, she was not able to deceive the girl for too long.[1]

Jessica's corpse is later found by Lisa, over 20 years later, during the Mansion Incident, while Lisa is confronting the members of S.T.A.R.S. underneath the tunnels. With only bones remaining, Lisa picks up Jessica's skull, finally reunited with her mother, and leaps into the chasm below.

Further notes[]

  • Jessica's first appearance in the franchise was in the non-canon work Resident Evil: The Book (BIOHAZARD THE BEGINNING in Japan), based on files removed from the 1996 game before release.
  • The 2002 Resident Evil remake includes a lighter with Jessica's name engraved on, a present for George.


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