Jill's Report is a file in Resident Evil 2. It is one of the EX Files exclusive to the Nintendo 64 version of the game.


This file can be found in the R.P.D.'s file storage room. It is in a cabinet to the right of the door from the player's perspective. This file is only present in the "A" scenario.

An Ink Ribbon is on the left side of the cabinet, but it does not need to be picked up. The file is found next to it, to the right.


July 24th, 1998
Raccoon Forest:

The following documents were obtained at a sanitarium owned by Umbrella Corp.:

"Umbrella Bio Organic Weapon Publicity Material"
Dev. Code: MA-39 Cerberus
Dev. Code: MA-121 Hunter
Dev. Code: Fi-3 Neptune
Dev. Code: T-002 Tyrant

In addition to the above, it is believed that several other B.O.W. were created by means of accidental infection.

During the course of the tests, it was discovered that the contagion is not limited to human beings, and may pose a hazardous risk to plant and animal lifeforms.

Effective means of controlling this contagion have yet to be found.

Raccoon City Police Department
S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team
Jill Valentine

7月24日 ラクーンフォレスト


開発コードMA−39 ケルベロス
開発コードMA−121 ハンター
開発コードFi−3 ネプチューン
開発コードT−002 タイラント





July 24th, Raccoon Forest.

I obtained the following document inside of a recreational facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation:

"Umbrella Biological Weapons PR Materials"
Code name MA-39: Cerberus
Code name MA-121: Hunter
Code name Fi-3: Neptune
Code name T-002: Tyrant

In addition to those mentioned, several other biological weapons were created, likely due to experimental contamination of the T-virus.

Furthermore, it appears that an accidental outbreak occurred during this experiment, infecting not only humans, but a large number of plants and animals as well, who very likely caused the bio hazard situation to occur.

Finally, regarding those affected by the virus, at present no effective treatment has been discovered.

Jill Valentine

Further notes

  • This report seems to reference the Slide Filter from Resident Evil, possibly indicating that Jill recovered the item from the mansion.
  • The official localization mistakenly refers to the Spencer Mansion as a sanitarium. The original script implies that it was a company resort.


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