"That was too close...You were almost a Jill Sandwich.
— Barry in Resident Evil

"Jill Sandwich" is a phrase derived from a humorous English translation choice in the original Resident Evil. It is stated by S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton after partner Jill Valentine escapes being crushed in a descending ceiling trap inside the Spencer Mansion. This line became a popular saying in the early fandom alongside "I have this" and "itchy tasty", and it was reused in other games as an in-joke.

References in other games

  • In the video game Dead Rising, there is a restaurant named "Jill's Sandwiches".
  • In the The Mercenaries Reunion, Barry possesses a melee attack called 'Barry Sandwich'.
  • In the English localization of Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Claire Redfield jokes "I was almost a Claire Sandwich". This was not present in the original Japanese script.
  • In the video game Dead By Daylight, a power add-on for Nemesis is named "Jill's Sandwich"


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