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"You want S.T.A.R.S.? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!"
— Jill Valentine, while delivering the final blow to the "Pursuer"[4]

Jill Valentine (ジル・バレンタイン Jiru Barentain?) is an American Special Operations Agent (SOA) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, of which she is a co-founder and an original member. She is a respected high-ranking operator, owing to her commitment in eradicating bioterrorism and her survival amid to the Biohazardous outbreaks in Arklay County in 1998.


Early life[]

Valentine's father was French, and her mother was of Japanese descent (a "nikkei").[5][excerpt 1]

Army and law enforcement career (1992)[]

In the early 1990s, Valentine served in the United States Army and got the attention of recruiters for Delta Force, the nation's primary counter-terrorism unit. Although the unit does not enlist women, Valentine was allowed to take part in the six-month intensive Operator Training Course, where she excelled in bomb disposal & lock-picking and was known for her delicate and nimble though precise dexterity, as well as resilience, courage, and discernment amid danger.[6][excerpt 2] This experience made Valentine one of the only women in the world with Delta Force training, capable of dismantling even the most intricate explosives in a matter of minutes.[7] During her time in the US Army, she met fellow soldier Forest Speyer who she would later work with more closely.[8] She left the military in pursuit of experiences that made her feel alive, as well as to assuage her sense of justice and intolerance for those who harm innocent people.[9][10]

Some time in 1996, Valentine was recruited by Albert Wesker for the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), an elite unit of Raccoon Police Department (RPD) that relied on military veterans and weapons-trained scientists to solve serious crimes in Raccoon City. Despite keeping her special forces training and personal life a secret, she made friends with several S.T.A.R.S. members during this time, including Chris Redfield, with whom she developed a close friendship and partnership, and under whom she often demanded to be trained in marksmanship. By July 1998, Valentine became the only woman to join Captain Wesker's Alpha Team, as the team's B&E specialist,[11] positioned at the rear in maneuvers with S.T.A.R.S. helicopter pilot Brad Vickers.

Mansion Incident (1998)[]

Джилл в ролике REsident Evil Remake

Valentine investigating Bravo team's helicopter – 1998

In the Spring and early Summer of 1998, Raccoon City was haunted by the deaths of a number of hikers and suburban families, which involved both vicious dog attacks and group cannibalism.[12] With the Raccoon Police Department at a loss, S.T.A.R.S. was ordered into the Arklay Mountains in search of a suspected hideout. Bravo Team was sent out on the night of 23 July, and contact was subsequently lost. The following day, the Alpha Team was sent out to investigate their disappearance and continue their investigation. Finding the helicopter derelict and its RPD pilot, Kevin Dooley, dead and mutilated, Alpha Team was confronted by a pack of dogs, who then killed Joseph Frost. Valentine, along with Wesker, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton, fled into a nearby mansion, while Vickers, in shock, fled to the helicopter and abandoned the team.[13]

Within the mansion itself, the four-man team split up to explore. Over the course of the night, they independently deduced that the mansion was a cover for a bio-weapons research laboratory under the control of Umbrella U.S.A., S.T.A.R.S.' biggest donor. Valentine began to suspect Burton was working against the team, owing to a series of suspicious actions, but later discovered Wesker had manipulated Burton with threats against his family. Wesker was in fact on a mission from Umbrella to retrieve bio-weapons research, then destroy the laboratory and kill the S.T.A.R.S. team to silence witnesses. The dog attacks and cannibal murders were found to have been the result of the t-Virus, a bio-weapon which had leaked out into the surrounding area.[14] With Wesker faking his death when activating a renegade bio-weapon-designated "Tyrant", Valentine, Redfield, Burton and Bravo Team's Rebecca Chambers escaped the lab before its destruction on Vickers' helicopter.

Raccoon's destruction (1998)[]

"It was Raccoon City's last chance... And my last chance... My last escape..."
— A note authored by Jill Valentine on 27 September.[15]
20170316 213607

Valentine arguing with Chief Irons along with Redfield, Burton, and Vickers – August 1998

Once back in Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S.'s request for a full-scale investigation of Umbrella's activities was denied by their superior, Chief of Police Brian Irons. Their investigation was stalled by Irons' stone-walling and burying of reports, as well as Umbrella's surveillance, severely restricting their activities. With no support from the American government either, Redfield, Burton, and Valentine traveled to Europe to investigate Umbrella by themselves. Redfield went ahead alone to Europe in late August, while Burton relocated his family to Canada. Valentine left the city under the pretense of leaving, but to shake off Umbrella's surveillance and traitors within the police force, she secretly returned to Raccoon City in hiding to investigate the Umbrella's underground facility before joining her comrades afterward.[16][17][18] This was slow-going; however, two months after the mansion incident, the investigation was ruined when Raccoon City's water supply was contaminated with t-Virus, causing thousands to mutate into zombies. Umbrella took full advantage of the situation and sent in experimental B.O.W.s to test on the survivors.[19] Among these was the Nemesis-T Type, a T-103 Tyrant parasitized by a Nemesis Alpha parasite. This creature, also dubbed "the Pursuer", was sent into the city specifically to track down and eliminate all S.T.A.R.S. members.[19]

Valentine was trapped in her apartment until 27 or 28 September, contemplating suicide. Changing her mind, Valentine fled through the streets of Raccoon City. She found Vickers injured by zombies at the Black Jack Bar. He died soon after, when the Pursuer tracked him down to the Police Station entrance. Exploring the station alone while evading the Nemesis, Valentine soon discovered that it was no longer safe. In the S.T.A.R.S. Office, she intercepted a Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service radio signal from Cpl. Oliveira, and abandoned the police station to investigate, eventually meeting him.[20][21][22][23]

Over the course if the night of the 28th, Valentine worked with three UBCS members – Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev and Cpl. Oliveira. She did thus reluctantly due to their association with Umbrella, though it became clear they were merely mercenaries sent out as sacrificial lambs rather than actual employees. Valentine worked with Sgt. Zinoviev and Oliveira to repair a tram they were hiding in; Cpt. Viktor was too wounded to help.[24] Accounts differ on what happened during that search, as one claimed that Zinoviev was presumed dead, and the remaining three drove the team to St. Michael's Clock Tower, which had been flagged by the UBCS as an evac point prior to their insertion. The Pursuer attacked the tram, and Viktor sacrificed himself with a grenade in an attempt to destroy it. Valentine and Oliveira made it out of the wreckage, but the Pursuer stalked Valentine throughout the tower as she tried to ring its bell as a signal. The creature then destroyed the UBCS helicopter to deny her escape. In another fight with the creature, Valentine was infected with a t-Virus strain unique to the Nemesis parasites.[25][26][27][28][29]

RE3 Nemesis Carlos finds Jill unconscious

Valentine, infected by the t-Virus, is supported by Oliveira – 29 September 1998

Valentine was unconscious for two days in a chapel within the Clock Tower, guarded by Oliveira, until she woke up in the early hours of October 1, understanding that she was infected. Oliveira went to the Raccoon General Hospital in search of treatments, and returned later with a vaccine the hospital staff worked on before they died.[30][31]

While searching through Raccoon Park, Valentine was confronted by Zinoviev, who's survival had been deliberately kept secret to her. He revealed that Umbrella was using the outbreak to test the effectiveness of the B.O.W.s, and so Valentine escaped to Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, a dedicated treatment plant for infected biomatter, where she discovered that the city would be destroyed. There, she fought the Nemesis again, now severely disfigured after exposure to antiviral chemicals in the disposal plant. She then activated an experimental rail cannon developed by the Delta Force; the creature was weakened further by Valentine, and left for dead after several shots from a Magnum.[4][32][33][34][35][36]

RE3 Nemesis - Jill observes before the Raccoon Destruction

Valentine watches as the Raccoon City is about to be destroyed - 1 October 1998

While at the disposal treatment plant, Valentine found that Zinoviev had stolen an on-site helicopter while another was en route to the city, searching for her on the radio. After finally destroying Nemesis, Valentine then escaped the city with Oliveira, and discovered the man looking for her was Burton.[37][38]

The fall of Umbrella (2003)[]

Re uc 104

Valentine and Redfield prepare to infiltrate the Umbrella facility in Russia – February, 2003[39]

"The end of Umbrella is just a question of time."

Following the destruction of Raccoon City, Valentine continued to support Redfield in fighting Umbrella. By 2003, they had joined a private anti-biohazard service. In February, the group received reports of strange animal attacks near a small village in the Greater Caucasus, similar to the Arklay incident.[40] Redfield and Valentine investigated the village, and found it had already fallen to a t-Virus outbreak, leaving a young child, Anna, as the only uninfected survivor, having been hidden by her parents. Many villagers were hiding in a grain silo. Escaping the building, they ran into Wesker, who was also investigating the reports for his own purposes.[40] He could not be apprehended, however, due to the sudden arrival of Hunter δs. The two did discover from him, however, that the villagers were involved with Umbrella and were storing B.O.W.s. Wesker seized Anna's locket and used it to open a safe in her house to get information on the company; they narrowly escaped the explosion of a bomb, planted there in case Wesker or someone like him would try to open it. Though Valentine and Redfield had failed to stop Wesker's escape, they did find proof that the nearby chemical works was an Umbrella base.

REUC Umbrella's End Chris and Jill ending

Valentine and Redfield, after the end of Umbrella

The following day, Valentine and Redfield took part in a large operation with the rest of the private anti-biohazard service to capture the chemical plant and end B.O.W. production there. They arrived to find the biohazard had completely engulfed the facility. Redfield and Valentine caught the attention of Colonel Sergei Vladimir, the former leader of Umbrella's UBCS, and were made to fight T-A.L.O.S., a computer-aided, armoured Tyrant. T-A.L.O.S. was successfully taken down, against Col. Vladimir's expectations, and the facility was captured. However, they failed to gain access to Umbrella's data, as Wesker had already wiped its hard drive. Umbrella nonetheless fell, however, when he decided to hand this data over to the US government, leading to the corporation's bankruptcy.

Founding of the BSAA and Il Veltro (2005)[]

"Where are you, Chris..."

Valentine and Luciani investigate the Queen Zenobia – 2005

In the aftermath of the Raccoon Trials, Umbrella's bankruptcy rendered its security forces incapable of preventing a number of rogue employees from stealing bio-weapons samples and selling them on the black market. The War on Terror saw a gradual shift towards these bio-weapons, requiring new methods of combating them. A number of pharmaceutical giants formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance in the United Kingdom, which would assist as needed. However, the BSAA was far from perfect as a private military company, and they were kept in an observer role during the 2004 Terragrigia Panic by the US government's much larger alternative, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. Suspecting that the FBC was involved in arming terrorist groups like Il Veltro to build up its prestige, BSAA director Clive R. O'Brian planned a major operation to uncover the truth, but the presence of an FBC mole necessitated the use of deceptive tactics on his own agents.

Starting in the Summer of 2005, Valentine and her partner, Parker Luciani, were invited to the Italian coast to see the ruins of Terragrigia, where dead and some still alive Globsters were washing ashore and a vial of t-Abyss Virus was found. The corpses and the vial would soon be determined to have come from Queen Dido, one of three ships used by Il Veltro in the attack, but which had sunk within the FBC's exclusion zone and could not be explored. O'Brian fed false information to the pair that Redfield and Jessica Sherawat were abducted by terrorists while exploring Finland and taken into the Mediterranean. The two BSAA agents went out to sea in a small boat and found the Queen Zenobia, which was overrun by t-Abyss mutants. The presence of FBC agents on board was quickly confirmed when FBC agent Rachel Foley's unconscious and assumed dead body was found deprived of water following an attack by mutants. Opening a room with an Il Veltro flag and a mannequin strapped to a chair, the two BSAA agents found they had fallen into a trap, and were knocked out by a man in a gas mask. This was in fact Raymond Vester, one of O'Brian's moles within the FBC, whose role in the operation was to steer them towards the truth while giving the impression Il Veltro really did survive.

Jill and Chris Rev 2

Valentine and Redfield reuniting at Queen Zenobia – 2005

Upon coming to, Valentine and Luciani continued their investigation, but were beaten by Vester at each turn, now without his gas mask to feign ignorance. Vester destroyed the bridge's communications system, set the boat ablaze and destroyed the emergency communication equipment, while blaming Il Veltro. After navigating flooded lower decks above the bilge, Valentine and Luciani eventually succeeded in contacting O'Brian via the radio transmission tower atop the ship. By the time they got the message out, they'd learned that Redfield and Sherawat were en route from the Queen Semiramis. The four rendezvoused in the ship's casino, where they were met by Vester in the gas mask. While explaining the nature of the conspiracy, he was shot by Sherawat, revealing her as the spy. Protected by a bulletproof vest, but feigning death, he warned Luciani about her.

Valentine and Redfield meanwhile made their way to the rear of the ship, which housed a laboratory complex. Their investigation finally uncovered the truth – FBC director Morgan Lansdale was behind the engineering of t-Abyss in order to create a dangerous viral weapon for Il Veltro. Providing three ships to transport their cargo to Terragrigia, he unleashed a biohazard on board, wiping out Il Veltro, then used the two remaining ships for classified vaccine research. Once the vaccine was finished, a second biohazard was unleashed, killing the researchers, leaving Queen Zenobia and Queen Semiramis unmanned. Realising they had uncovered the truth, Lansdale himself, watching the pair on a monitor, triggered Queen Semiramis' self-destruct system, and expected Sherawat to do the same. When she does so, Valentine and Redfield make their escape from the sinking ship on a BSAA helicopter under attack by Malacoda, parasitic worms in the body of a mutant whale. Following the battle, they were given one more mission, to retrieve evidence incriminating the FBC from within the Queen Dido's wreckage.

REV Jill obtain the PDA

Valentine gets the evidence that incriminates Lansdale – 2005

During their exploration, the two found a section of the ship with breathable air, the few remaining unflooded hallways being the home of Il Veltro leader Jack Norman for the past year. The FBC had, however, already beaten them to the ship. Norman infected himself with another sample of t-Abyss Virus and turned into a powerful monster dubbed "Ultimate Abyss". The BSAA agents could not persuade Norman that they were not FBC, and were forced to kill him in order to retrieve the evidence, which they found to be recordings of Il Veltro's meetings with Lansdale, proving that he had provided them with the virus. The evidence was transmitted to the BSAA's UK headquarters during an FBC raid, and Lansdale was immediately arrested by his own men.

Following Lansdale's arrest, the FBC was dissolved and all of its personnel and resources were merged into the BSAA and was reformed as a United Nations counter-terrorism organisation with greater jurisdiction around the world. Valentine then became a Special Operations Agent and throughout her partnership with Redfield, the duo became engaged in various operations, including bio-terrorism interdiction in Asia, destroying bio-weapon laboratories in South America and arresting traffickers in Europe.[14]

Raid on the Spencer Estate (2006)[]

"Kind of takes you back, doesn't it?"
Jill 1

Valentine and Redfield during the raid of the Spencer Estate – 2006

In 2006, the BSAA received intelligence revealing the location of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer. Spencer was the CEO of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and had gone underground to hide from a global manhunt led by the US and Russian governments. Valentine and Redfield were assigned to raid the Spencer Estate and arrest him, hoping he would have information useful in the separate manhunt for Albert Wesker.[41] Upon entering the main hall, they found Lord Spencer's bodyguards dead, having been brutalised by a then unknown third party. A search underground revealed a dungeon where numerous prisoners had been experimented on or left to die, with B.O.W.s called "Blobs" left to roam the dungeon.[42] Returning to the castle above, the two gained entry into the library, finding Spencer dead, having been murdered by Wesker. The two agents fought him, though he held the upper hand due to his superhuman abilities. Believing Redfield close to death, Valentine charged at Wesker, throwing him and herself out the library window and down a cliff.[41][42]

BSAA reinforcements conducted a thorough search of the area, but found no sign of Valentine or Wesker, and on November 23, 2006, they were both declared dead in absentia.[43] Valentine's name was listed on the BSAA's List of Martyrs, a record of fallen soldiers.[14]

Under Albert Wesker's control (2006-2009)[]

Jill Valentine in her test tube

Valentine in cryostasis

Though badly injured by the fall down the cliff, Valentine was kept alive by Wesker, kept in a comatose condition at Tricell Inc., Africa's top-secret B.O.W. research outpost near Kijuju. Following his own experiences with talking to Spencer, Wesker began work on the Uroboros Project, a doomsday project which he believed would force evolution on the survivors via a Progenitor strain dubbed "Uroboros". The prototype version of Uroboros was fatal to all the infected, making it impractical for use. Nonetheless, Valentine was slated in Wesker's vengeful plan to be the very first test subject of the completed Uroboros in the future.[14] During the preliminary examination of her body, it was discovered that the vaccination she received in 1998 for her t-Virus infection had not totally immunised her. A mutant strain of the virus had in fact laid dormant in her body for the past eight years, and had activated during her time in a coma. Valentine's body quickly fought off the mutant virus and created new highly pure antibodies. This anomalous resistance made her worthless as an early stage test subject, though she was spared for further study.[14] Wesker theorised that exposure to Valentine's antibodies would give way to an Uroboros strain more tolerable to the human body, and kept her alive as a "living factory" to derive the antibodies from her blood[14] by administering the t-Virus to her.[44] In her medically induced stasis, Valentine's hair became blonde and skin whitened.[45]

As work on Uroboros continued, constant monitoring on Valentine was no longer required, and she was released from captivity. Wesker desired her for further scientific use, and made her a test subject for the P30 Project, a counterpart to Tricell's Plaga Project, which intended to create super soldiers with enhanced strength, susceptible to suggestion. The drawback to P30 was that the drug, derived from Progenitor research, was quickly metabolised and excreted. As Tricell had no data on the effects of a long-term trial, a specially manufactured device was attached to her chest to periodically inject her with the drug.[14] Now under Wesker's control, Valentine was informally added to the emerging partnership between Wesker, Excella Gionne and Ricardo Irving.

Kijuju Incident (2009)[]

"I couldn't control my actions, oh but god... I was still aware. Forgive me..."
Jill cloak Kijuju

Valentine – under Wesker's control – disguised in Kijuju

As the Uroboros Project reached completion, and Tricell made plans to carry it out, Irving made use of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone as a test bed for bio-weapons. Starting in summer of 2008, the Ndipaya tribe were implanted with Type 3 Plagas as test subjects, and by the start of 2009 people within the city of Kijuju itself were made hosts of the Type 2 purchased by rebels, who sought to use them as a recruiting tool for an insurrection. In March 2009, spies within the BSAA reported to Tricell that there would be an active investigation in Kijuju. Valentine was ordered to protect Irving in his planned business dealings. At a warehouse the BSAA knew Irving was to use, she left behind a Kijujuan man, abducted and forcibly infected with Uroboros. The mutant massacred the BSAA's "Alpha Team", and she and Irving escaped to a nearby quarry to continue the deal.[46] This deal ultimately never took place, however, and Irving would order the release of the B.O.W. specimens to fight the BSAA. When an SOA team consisting of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar cornered Irving, Valentine set off a smoke bomb and escaped with him to Irving's oil field.[47]

Jill strangled Irving

Valentine strangling Irving before giving him a Dominant Plaga sample – March, 2009

At the oil field, Valentine gave Irving's an ultimatum – he knew too much to allow his capture by the BSAA, nor could the BSAA be allowed to track their departure from the oil to the Tricell facility. Over the next day, Irving rigged the oil field with bombs to be set off if the BSAA caught up with them. In the event the pursuit continued, Irving was provided with a Dominant species Plaga egg to inject into his own body.[48] When the BSAA tracked them down at the oil field, Valentine made her escape on a speed-boat, leaving Irving to fight Redfield, Sheva and Captain Josh Stone.[49]

Jill in Chris’ Arms

Valentine awakens in Redfield's arms after being released from Wesker's control.

Arriving at a cave system,[50] Valentine made her way through the old ruins of the Ndipaya kingdom and towards Tricell's facility, meeting up with Wesker at what was once the palace of the Ndipaya kings, through which they were to gain passage to the coast, where a Tricell tanker was waiting to pick them up. Redfield and Alomar, who were in pursuit of Gionne, also reached this palace.[51] To buy time for Gionne, Wesker and Valentine began fighting the two BSAA agents relentlessly pursuing them across the palace. After seven minutes, Wesker ran out of time, and caught up with Gionne, leaving Valentine behind to deal with them.[52] Realizing the device on her chest was affecting her behavior, the two forced Valentine to the ground and ripped it out. Still weak from the fighting, Valentine stayed behind and urged the two to continue on.[53]

20180116 234922

Valentine making it to the helicopter with Josh's aid – March, 2009

After passing out, Valentine was found by Stone, who had separated from Redfield and Alomar to radio BSAA HQ. Having returned with helicopter backup, Valentine warned him about the tanker, and agreed to come with him, as the helicopter was their only means to intercept it.[54] Moving through the train yard near the dock, Valentine found a radio station and called to the tanker. Succeeding in picking up Redfield, she informed him of a vulnerability of Wesker's she learned about during her captivity – he requires regular injection of "PG67A/W", and that an overdose would be lethal.[55] Valentine and Stone were chased by increasing numbers of Majini, forcing their assigned helicopter pilot, Doug, to pick them up much closer than planned. Though they made it onto the helicopter, Doug himself was killed when rebel forces carrying rocket launchers made their move. At Valentine's urging, Stone piloted the helicopter away from the dockland in search of the tanker.[56] Flying out to sea, the pair spotted a high-altitude stealth bomber take off from the tanker, lose control, and crash into a volcano. Flying over to investigate, Valentine helped pick up Redfield and Alomar, who were fighting Wesker, himself mutated from Uroboros infection. Supplying the two with RPG-7s, they succeeded in killing the bio-weapons developer.

Recovery and resumption (2009-2015)[]

After returning from Africa, Valentine was taken into a BSAA lab to undergo various tests due to her long-time viral exposure and drug overdoses.[43] It was revealed that the side effects of the t-Virus affected the cell division in her body, which suppressed her physical deterioration but left her with psychological aftereffects.[44] Valentine e-mailed Burton about her boredom from the tests, saying that she was eager to get back out into the field once her rehabilitation was completed. She also gave him some advice on how to make peace with his older daughter Moira and hoped to receive a return party in style.[43] Posteriorly,[citation needed] she and Redfield asked Burton to join BSAA, which he eventually accepted.[57] After a long period of observation and rehabilitation, she resumed her career.[44][excerpt 3]

San Francisco Serial Murders and Alcatraz Incident (2015)[]

"Innocent people are being poisoned and used as weapons. Whoever is doing that has no soul and if we want to stop them, we can't afford to think about numb or souls or any of that shit... at least I can't "
— Jill to Chris
Death Island - Chris confronts Jill

Jill and Chris investigates a San Francisco homestead

Six years after Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident, Valentine completed her rehabilitation and returned to the field, however, still suffering from the psychological after-effects from the P30 drugs and maintaining the heavy guilt during her time under Wesker. Valentine started to develop the desire for atonement for her actions in which she expressed through reckless actions, much to Redfield's concern who had taken notice her change of behavior. In San Francisco, California, there had been reports of victims becoming mysteriously infected with no means of transmission and attacking others who quickly succumbed to their injuries instead of reanimation. The BSAA then took interest and partnered with the San Francisco Police Department in a joint investigation with Valentine and Redfield acting as the lead agents on the case. When another case occurred in the city, Valentine investigated a couple's homestead, despite Redfield's orders to wait for backup, and cut off her comms. She quickly discovered the mutilated corpse of a woman before being attacked by her zombified husband, countering the attack and neutralising him. Redfield and SAPD's S.W.A.T swiftly broke into the home and discovered a bloody Valentine whom he berated for her reckless actions, however, she justified that the possibility of survivors diminished every seconds passed and acts immediately.

The pair left the scene of the crime with the house cleared and corpses taken in for further analysis and examinations. Valentine retreated to the shooting range to train where Redfield visited and expressed his desire of removing her from further participation in the operation due to his growing concerns but she firmly declined the notion. Valentine recounted her years under Wesker's control and wanting her friends dead to which she compares it like a living nightmare. Redfield then tells her of Piers Nivans who he had intended to take over before he sacrificed himself in order to save Chris. As the War on Terror continues, Redfield warns her not to let the numbness reach her soul lest she loses herself in the fight but Valentine looks at the present mission - innocent people are being made to kill as she once had been, and wants whoever is responsible taken to justice above anything else and cannot allow to think of herself when fighting to stop bioterrorism. Before Redfield can elaborate, she resumes her activities.

Death Island - Alcatraz Tour

Jill and the Redfields arrived to explore Alcatraz Island under the guise of tourists.

In the BSAA laboratory, Valentine and Redfield meet Claire Redfield who had been conducting her own investigation into the orca carcass that washed ashore on the beach and BSAA advisor Rebecca Chambers to discuss their findings. Claire discovers that the chipped orca had been swimming around Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, the same as several other whales which have disappeared recently near the vicinity of Alcatraz Island. Similarly, the Orca is infected with the same strain of T-Virus found in the human corpses, confirming a link. Finding their next lead, Valentine and the Redfields venture to the tourist site while Chambers remains behind to create vaccines to counter the new strain and acts as their liaison. At the tourist site, Valentine and the group's movement are monitored by the mastermind behind San Francisco Serial Murders. The tourists are quickly turned and attack others much to their confusion, the three try to save the remaining uninfected tourists with Valentine attempting to save a prison guard who falls into the sewage tunnel.

DI - Leon and Jill

Jill teams up with Leon Kennedy.

However, their efforts are proved to be futile as they are left as sole survivors. Valentine explores the sewers where she is ambushed by Leon Scott Kennedy, whose mission has led him there. The two recognize each other and are confronted by zombie tourists before facing against hordes of Amphibian Lickers. The pair fails to conceal themselves and alerts the hordes. As the two make their escape, Kennedy clears out the horde with the use of explosives. Advancing further into the tunnel which was used to transport ammunition during Alcatraz's day as a military outpost, Valentine and Kennedy share information on their respective missions and determine that their cases are linked. Sensing a draft, Kennedy breaks open a wall, exposing a secret accessway which leads to the armory where Licker Larva are incubating. As they investigate the armory, they discover blueprints for the Mosquito Drones which have been infecting people in the prison and around the city. Knowing they are nearby, the mastermind beckons them to the prison cells where they hold the Redfields captive. Rushing to the compound, Valentine and Kennedy are reunited with the siblings who are experiencing worsening symptoms of the virus and another survivor whom Kennedy identifies as Dr. Antonio Taylor, a lead robotics engineer who sells classified information to foreign entities outside of USA much to their shock.

Death Island 8

Valentine confronts Dylan

The masterminds reveals themselves to be the former mercenary Dylan Blake and María Gómez, with the former revealing his intention to punish corporations, organizations, and agencies that benefitted from bioterrorism, including DSO, BSAA, and Terrasave, without working real solutions towards ending bio-terror. He is plotting to release drones that carried doses of T-Virus across the world, leaving him to control which individuals become infected and clean the world's slate. In proving his point that justice does not exist, Blake spares Valentine of infection but forces her to live through his experience in which she is forced to shoot Claire or let Taylor die at the former's hands. Unwilling to make a decision, Valentine firmly holds her gunpoint at Blake who fatally shoots Taylor in return much to her fury only to be incapacitated by Gomez. Finding an opening, Kennedy tosses a flashbang which allows Valentine to fight Gomez off and ventures to the sewers. In the sewers, Valentine meets Chambers who pursued the group with newly created vaccine in hand. She directs Chambers to the infected group and asks her to inform the others of her location. Valentine then goes after Blake to try to stop the release of the drones. Outside the armory, she confronts Blake who proclaims his intention and his desire for atonement for his actions before injecting himself with the T-Virus and fusing with shark BOW Megalodon, emerging as a giant monster.

Death Island 9

Valentine preparing to kill Dylan

After Chambers cures the group of their affliction, they reconvene with Valentine and face off against the beast. Valentine takes gold of an experimental next-generation plasma rifle and asks Redfield and Kennedy to distract the monster while she waits for the rifle to charge to full capacity. After the pair distracts him, Valentine fires the bolt that separates it from its lower half, but does not kill the beast as it continues its rampage. As Kennedy and Redfield come to her aid, Chambers successfully gains control of the drones and redirects them towards Blake, severely weakening him. Blake intends to escape through the open waters but Valentine distracts it long enough for Redfield and Kennedy to assemble the rocket launcher. As they finish, Valentine calls out Blake for his inability to deal with his guilt, which triggers the creature, and dives into the waters where she straps the bag of grenades in its mouth, but is temporarily strangled by the bag's straps. Kennedy and Redfield fire the weapon onto the chains which quickly lowers the gate, pinning the creature by the neck.

Death Island 1

The group leaving Alcatraz

Valentine sets off the grenades and deals the killing blow to Blake. The group celebrates their successful efforts, as they prevent another outbreak from occurring. Outside the island, the group reminisce about their time in the operation before reinforcements arrive and evacuate the survivors off the premises with Redfield happy her old self is back to which she shares the same sentiment.


  1. Mixed race with a French father and Nikkei mother. (フランス人の父と日系人の母を持つ混血。 Furansujin no chichi to nikkeijin no haha o motsu konketsu?)
  2. Excerpt from biohazard Official Navigation Book, p.013: "S.T.A.R.S.アルファーチームに所属。爆発物処理の能力に優れ、開鍵技術にも目を見張るものがある。一見華奢なようだが、アメリカが誇る対テロ部隊デルタフォースの訓練課程を経験するなど、その戦闘能力は折り紙つきである。忠実に任務を遂行し、仲間からの信頼も厚い。不正を許せない、正義感に燃えるタイプ。"
  3. Valentine's character introduction on the Death Island official site: "BSAAの創設メンバーの1人で、元ラクーン市警の特殊部隊S.T.A.R.S.所属。クリスと共に数々のバイオテロと戦い続けてきた。元来強い正義感と責任感の持ち主であるが、「スペンサー邸事件」で敵に捕らえられた際には、t-ウィルス投与と精神支配による洗脳で、自らバイオテロへ加担することになった。クリスに救出された後もウィルスの副作用が体内の細胞分裂に影響を及ぼすことになり、肉体の劣化が抑えられるが精神的後遺症を引きずる。長期に渡る経過観察とリハビリ期間を経て部隊復帰を果たす。"
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