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"You want S.T.A.R.S.? I'll give you S.T.A.R.S.!"
— Jill Valentine, while delivering the final blow to the "pursuer"[5]

Jill Valentine (ジル・バレンタイン Jiru Barentain?) is an American Special Operations Agent (SOA) of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, of which she is a co-founder and an original member. She is a respected high-ranking operator, owing to her commitment in eradicating bioterrorism and her survival amid to the Biohazardous outbreaks in Arklay County in 1998.


Early life

Valentine's father was French, and her mother was of Japanese descent (a "Nikkei").[6][excerpt 1]

Army and law enforcement career

In the early 1990s, Valentine served in the United States Army and got the attention of recruiters for Delta Force, the nation's primary counter-terrorism unit. Despite her sex, Valentine was allowed to take part in the six-month intensive Operator Training Course, where she excelled in bomb disposal and lock picking and was known for her delicate though precise work, resilience, courage, and discernment amid the danger.[7][excerpt 2] This experience made Valentine one of the only women in the world with Delta Force training.

Some time in 1996, Valentine was recruited by Albert Wesker for the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), an elite unit of Raccoon Police Department (RPD) that relied on military veterans and weapons-trained scientists to solve serious crimes in Raccoon City, having only joined the unit due to their strong commitment to justice and desire to "experience the true feeling of life". Despite keeping her special forces training and personal life a secret, she made friends with several S.T.A.R.S. members during this time, including Chris Redfield, with whom she developed a close friendship and partnership, and under whom she often trained in marksmanship, and Forest Speyer who she already had a close friendship, and knew before S.T.A.R.S thanks in part to both having served in the United States Army. By July 1998, Valentine became the only woman to join Captain Wesker's Alpha Team, as the team's B&E specialist,[8] positioned at the rear in manoeuvres with S.T.A.R.S. helicopter pilot Brad Vickers.

Mansion Incident

Valentine investigating Bravo team's helicopter - 1998

In the Spring and early Summer of 1998, Raccoon City was haunted by the deaths of a number of hikers and suburban families, which involved both vicious dog attacks and group cannibalism.[9] With the Raccoon Police Department at a loss, S.T.A.R.S. was ordered into the Arklay Mountains in search of a suspected hideout. Bravo Team was sent out on the night of 23 July, and contact was subsequently lost. The following day, the Alpha Team was sent out to investigate their disappearance and continue their investigation. Finding the helicopter derelict and its RPD pilot, Kevin Dooley, dead and mutilated, Alpha Team was confronted by a pack of dogs, who then killed Joseph Frost. Valentine, along with Wesker, Chris Redfield, and Barry Burton, fled into a nearby mansion, while Vickers, in shock, fled to the helicopter and abandoned the team.[10]

Within the mansion itself, the four-man team split up to explore. Over the course of the night, they independently deduced that the mansion was a cover for a bio-weapons research laboratory under the control of Umbrella U.S.A., S.T.A.R.S.' biggest donor. Valentine began to suspect Burton was working against the team, owing to a series of suspicious actions, but later discovered Wesker had manipulated Burton with threats against his family. Wesker was in fact on a mission from Umbrella to retrieve bio-weapons research, then destroy the laboratory and kill the S.T.A.R.S. team to silence witnesses. The dog attacks and cannibal murders were found to have been the result of the t-Virus, a bio-weapon which had leaked out into the surrounding area.[11] With Wesker faking his death when activating a renegade bio-weapon designated "Tyrant", Valentine, Redfield, Burton and Bravo Team's Rebecca Chambers escaped the lab before its destruction on Vickers' helicopter.

Raccoon's Destruction

This section is based on a game with branching story paths, or several games with conflicting accounts. For more detail on differing portrayals, see this page.

"It was Raccoon City's last chance... And my last chance... My last escape..."
— A note authored by Jill Valentine on 27 September.[12]

Valentine arguing with Chief Irons along with Redfield, Burton, and Vickers - August 1998

Once back in Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S.'s request for a full-scale investigation of Umbrella's activities was denied by their superior, Chief of Police Brian Irons. With no support from the American government, Redfield, Burton, Valentine, and Chambers traveled to Europe to investigate Umbrella themselves. Redfield went ahead alone to Europe in late August, while Burton relocated his family to Canada. Valentine stayed in Raccoon City to investigate the whereabouts of Umbrella's underground facility, along with Brad Vickers before joining her comrades in Europe. However, this was slow-going; her investigation was stalled not only by Chief Irons suspending her from the force and ordering her to remain at home, but her apartment seemingly being under constant surveillance. However, two months after the mansion incident, the investigation was ruined when Raccoon City's water supply was contaminated with t-Virus, causing thousands to mutate into zombies. Umbrella took full advantage of the situation and sent in experimental B.O.W.s to test on the survivors.[13] Among these was the Nemesis-T Type, a T-103 Tyrant parasitised by a Nemesis Alpha parasite. This creature, also dubbed "the Pursuer", was sent into the city specifically to track down and eliminate all S.T.A.R.S. members.[13]

Valentine fighting her way through Raccoon City - September, 1998

Sources differ about when Valentine decided to leave town, due to the subsequent chaos caused by the zombies; one account says that she was trapped in her apartment until 27 or 28 September, while another claims that she remained in her apartment until she was forced to leave by an attacking Nemesis shortly after Vickers tried to warn her, culminating in her barely escaping from her now destroyed building.[14][15] Whatever the case, Valentine had to flee through the streets of Raccoon City. It is also uncertain which path Valentine took, and how she met Cpl. Carlos Oliveira, as one account points out that on the night of September 27, she intended to reach the Raccoon Police Station, but found Vickers injured by zombies at the Black Jack Bar. He died soon after, when the Pursuer tracked him down to the Police Station entrance. Exploring the station alone while evading the Nemesis, Valentine soon discovered that it was no longer safe. In the S.T.A.R.S. Office, she intercepted a Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service radio signal from Cpl. Oliveira, and abandoned the police station to investigate, eventually meeting him.[16][17][18][19] A second account suggests that Valentine met with Oliveira in the center of the city, and they joined forces to reach the police station, where they expected to be evacuated from the roof via helicopter.[20] A third account indicates that on September 28, Valentine met with Vickers shortly after escaping from her apartment, and they both decided to leave town before the situation worsened. However, when trying to signal to a rescue helicopter in front of Black Jack Bar, a barrier holding infected citizens back fell causing them to flee into the bar. Vickers ended up infected while trying to keep the doors closed, forcing Valentine to leave him. She then made her way to the evacuation point atop a parking structure, but was once again ambushed by Nemesis who that felled the helicopter, forcing her to confront it in combat until she was rescued by Oliveira.[21][22][23][24] Regardless, Valentine ended up meeting with Oliveira who took her to where the UBCS was operating.

Valentine along with Mikhail and Carlos in a tram - 28 September 1998

Over the course if the night of the 28th, Valentine worked with three UBCS members - Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev, and Cpl. Oliveira. She did thus reluctantly due to their association with Umbrella, though it became clear they were merely mercenaries sent out as sacrificial lambs rather than actual employees. Valentine worked with Sgt. Zinoviev and Oliveira to repair a tram they were hiding in; Cpt. Viktor was too wounded to help.[25] Accounts differ on what happened during that search, as one claimed that Zinoviev was presumed dead, and the remaining three drove the team to St. Michael's Clock Tower, which had been flagged by the UBCS as an evac point prior to their insertion. The Pursuer attacked the tram, and Viktor sacrificed himself with a grenade in an attempt to destroy it. Valentine and Oliveira made it out of the wreckage, but the Pursuer stalked Valentine throughout the tower as she tried to ring its bell as a signal. The creature then destroyed the UBCS helicopter to deny her escape. In another fight with the creature, Valentine was infected with a t-Virus strain unique to the Nemesis parasites.[26][27][28][29][30] In another account, Valentine helped UBCS to reactivate the tram by luring Nemesis away. After apparently neutralizing the B.O.W. with Oliveira's help, Valentine set off on the tram with Viktor, Zinoviev and other Raccoon City survivors while Oliveira and Tyrell Patrick stayed behind to find by Dr. Nathaniel Bard, who was said to have managed to create a cure for the t-Virus. However, after the tram left the station, the Pursuer suddenly invaded and killed all of the civilians before attacking Valentine and Viktor; Zinoviev took advantage of the distraction to lock them inside before fleeing. Viktor then sacrificed himself by blowing up a block of C4, derailing the train in a attempt to kill Nemesis and save Valentine. Soon after, she escaped the wreckage and contacted Oliveira to warn him about the evacuation failure and Zinoviev's betrayal before leaving the tram station. However, Nemesis survived the explosion, having transformed into an amphibious monster, and pursued Valentine again. She then was forced to fight the Pursuer in the Clock Tower courtyard and managed to successfully incapacitate it, but not before Nemesis stabbed Valentine and infected her.[31][32][33][34][35][36] In both accounts, the escape from the UBCS evacuation point failed, and Valentine was infected by the Pursuer in the Clock Tower, causing her to pass out due immediate infection.

Valentine, infected by the t-Virus, is supported by Oliveira - 29 September 1998

What happened to Valentine between her infection and inoculation is unclear, due to conflictng information. One account reveals that she was unconscious for two days in a chapel within the Clock Tower, guarded by Oliveira, until she woke up in the early hours of October 1, understanding that she was infected. Oliveira went to the Raccoon General Hospital in search of treatments, and returned later with a vaccine the hospital staff worked on before they died.[37][38] In another account, however, is said that Valentine was found unconscious at the Clock Tower entrance by Oliveira at dawn on September 29 and was taken to Spencer Memorial Hospital, where, after an intensive search, a vaccine sample developed by Dr. Bard was obtained and injected into Valentine, who remained unconscious until the night of September 30.[39][40][41] Regardless, the vaccine allowed her body to almost completely destroy the t-Virus, but some virions still survived in a dormant state.

Reports conflict about which direction Valentine took after recovery, how she discovered that Raccoon City would be destroyed by a bomb at dawn on October 1, and how she definitely destroyed the Nemesis. One account states that, before Zinoviev's escape, he had revealed that Umbrella was using the outbreak to test the effectiveness of the B.O.W.s, and so Valentine escaped to Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A, a dedicated treatment plant for infected biomatter, where she discovered that the city would be destroyed. There, she fought the Nemesis again, now severely disfigured after exposure to antiviral chemicals in the disposal plant. She then activated an experimental rail cannon developed by the Delta Force; the creature was weakened further by Valentine, and left for dead after several shots from a Magnum.[42][43][44][45][46][47] A second account claims that, while in the police station, Valentine discovered through Oliveira that the city would be destroyed, and they both faced Nemesis while fleeing through the police station until they reached the roof, where they managed to knock it from the building after a fierce confrontation.[20] A third report, in turn, indicates out that Valentine heard from a TV broadcast that the city would be destroyed, and after being told about the situation by Patrick, she followed to NEST-2, an Umbrella's laboratory hidden under the hospital, to help Oliveira recover Dr. Bard's vaccine stock and prevent the destruction of the city. However, Nemesis appeared, and resumed the pursuit, killing Patrick in the process. She evaded the B.O.W. while synthesizing a t-Virus vaccine. Amid the chase up to the lab's Disposal Center, Valentine incapacitated Nemesis, but in the process, the vaccine was stolen by Zinoviev, who fled soon after. The Pursuer persisted and mutated into a monstrously colossal form, due to its injuries. Valentine then attacked her assailant with an experimental railgun developed by Umbrella's scientists, killing it definitively by shoving the railgun into the monster's throat and firing.[48][49][50][51][52][53][54] In all accounts, Valentine eliminated Nemesis soon after discovering that Raccoon City was doomed to destruction.

Valentine witnessing Raccoon's destruction during her escape - 1 October 1998

The details of how Valentine escaped Raccoon City also contradict. One report claimed that, while at the disposal treatment plant, Valentine found that Zinoviev had stolen an on-site helicopter while another was en route to the city, searching for her on the radio. After finally destroying Nemesis, Valentine then escaped the city with Oliveira, and discovered the man looking for her was Burton.[55][56] A second report, however, indicates that Valentine and Oliveira escaped via helicopter from the roof of the Raccoon Police Station shortly after incapacitating the Nemesis.[57] A third report indicates that, after defeating the Pursuer, Valentine reached the helipad on the roof of NEST-2, and was ambushed by Zinoviev who used an unconscious Oliveira as a hostage to disarm her, and destroyed the vaccine sample. When he was about to execute Valentine and escape with the helicopter, Oliveira suddenly attacked Zinoviev and managed to immobilise him long enough for Valentine to shoot him, incapacitating him. They then escaped with the helicopter and abandoned Zinoviev.[58][59] In any case, Valentine and Oliveira escaped minutes before the experimental thermobaric bomb destroyed the city.

The Fall of Umbrella

Valentine and Redfield prepare to infiltrate the Umbrella facility in Russia - February, 2003.[60]

"The end of Umbrella is just a question of time."

Following the destruction of Raccoon City, Valentine continued to support Redfield in fighting Umbrella. By 2003, they had joined a private anti-biohazard service. In February, the group received reports of strange animal attacks near a small village in the Greater Caucasus, similar to the Arklay incident.[61] Redfield and Valentine investigated the village, and found it had already fallen to a t-Virus outbreak, leaving a young child, Anna, as the only uninfected survivor, having been hidden by her parents. Many villagers were hiding in a grain silo. Escaping the building, they ran into Wesker, who was also investigating the reports for his own purposes.[61] He could not be apprehended, however, due to the sudden arrival of Hunter δs. The two did discover from him, however, that the villagers were involved with Umbrella and were storing B.O.W.s. Wesker seized Anna's locket and used it to open a safe in her house to get information on the company; they narrowly escaped the explosion of a bomb, planted there in case Wesker or someone like him would try to open it. Though Valentine and Redfield had failed to stop Wesker's escape, they did find proof that the nearby chemical works was an Umbrella base.

Valentine and Redfield, after the end of Umbrella.

The following day, Valentine and Redfield took part in a large operation with the rest of the private anti-biohazard service to capture the chemical plant and end B.O.W. production there. They arrived to find the biohazard had completely engulfed the facility. Redfield and Valentine caught the attention of Colonel Sergei Vladimir, the former leader of Umbrella's UBCS, and were made to fight T-A.L.O.S., a computer-aided, armoured Tyrant. T-A.L.O.S. was successfully taken down, against Col. Vladimir's expectations, and the facility was captured. However, they failed to gain access to Umbrella's data, as Wesker had already wiped its hard drive. Umbrella nonetheless fell, however, when he decided to hand this data over to the US government, leading to the corporation's bankruptcy.

BSAA and the Il Veltro

"Where are you, Chris..."

Valentine and Luciani investigate the Queen Zenobia - 2005

In the aftermath of the Raccoon Trials, Umbrella's bankruptcy rendered its security forces incapable of preventing a number of rogue employees from stealing bio-weapons samples and selling them on the black market. The War on Terror saw a gradual shift towards these bio-weapons, requiring new methods of combating them. A number of pharmaceutical giants formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance in the United Kingdom, which would assist as needed. However, the BSAA was far from perfect as a private military company, and they were kept in an observer role during the 2004 Terragrigia Panic by the US government's much larger alternative, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. Suspecting that the FBC was involved in arming terrorist groups like Il Veltro to build up its prestige, BSAA director Clive R. O'Brian planned a major operation to uncover the truth, but the presence of an FBC mole necessitated the use of deceptive tactics on his own agents.

Starting in the Summer of 2005, Valentine and her partner, Parker Luciani, were invited to the Italian coast to see the ruins of Terragrigia, where dead and some still alive Globsters were washing ashore and a vial of t-Abyss Virus was found. The corpses and the vial would soon be determined to have come from Queen Dido, one of three ships used by Il Veltro in the attack, but which had sunk within the FBC's exclusion zone and could not be explored. O'Brian fed false information to the pair that Redfield and Jessica Sherawat were abducted by terrorists while exploring Finland and taken into the Mediterranean. The two BSAA agents went out to sea in a small boat and found the Queen Zenobia, which was overrun by t-Abyss mutants. The presence of FBC agents on board was quickly confirmed when FBC agent Rachel Foley's unconscious and assumed dead body was found deprived of water following an attack by mutants. Opening a room with an Il Veltro flag and a mannequin strapped to a chair, the two BSAA agents found they had fallen into a trap, and were knocked out by a man in a gas mask. This was in fact Raymond Vester, one of O'Brian's moles within the FBC, whose role in the operation was to steer them towards the truth while giving the impression Il Veltro really did survive.

Valentine and Redfield reuniting at Queen Zenobia - 2005

Upon coming to, Valentine and Luciani continued their investigation, but were beaten by Vester at each turn, now without his gas mask to feign ignorance. Vester destroyed the bridge's communications system, set the boat ablaze and destroyed the emergency communication equipment, while blaming Il Veltro. After navigating flooded lower decks above the bilge, Valentine and Luciani eventually succeeded in contacting O'Brian via the radio transmission tower atop the ship. By the time they got the message out, they'd learned that Redfield and Sherawat were en route from the Queen Semiramis. The four rendezvoused in the ship's casino, where they were met by Vester in the gas mask. While explaining the nature of the conspiracy, he was shot by Sherawat, revealing her as the spy. Protected by a bulletproof vest, but feigning death, he warned Luciani about her.

Valentine and Redfield meanwhile made their way to the rear of the ship, which housed a laboratory complex. Their investigation finally uncovered the truth - FBC director Morgan Lansdale was behind the engineering of t-Abyss in order to create a dangerous viral weapon for Il Veltro. Providing three ships to transport their cargo to Terragrigia, he unleashed a biohazard on board, wiping out Il Veltro, then used the two remaining ships for classified vaccine research. Once the vaccine was finished, a second biohazard was unleashed, killing the researchers, leaving Queen Zenobia and Queen Semiramis unmanned. Realising they had uncovered the truth, Lansdale himself, watching the pair on a monitor, triggered Queen Semiramis' self-destruct system, and expected Sherawat to do the same. When she does so, Valentine and Redfield make their escape from the sinking ship on a BSAA helicopter under attack by Malacoda, parasitic worms in the body of a mutant whale. Following the battle, they were given one more mission, to retrieve evidence incriminating the FBC from within the Queen Dido's wreckage.

Valentine gets the evidence that incriminates Lansdale - 2005

During their exploration, the two found a section of the ship with breathable air, the few remaining unflooded hallways being the home of Il Veltro leader Jack Norman for the past year. The FBC had, however, already beaten them to the ship. Norman infected himself with another sample of t-Abyss Virus and turned into a powerful monster dubbed "Ultimate Abyss". The BSAA agents could not persuade Norman that they were not FBC, and were forced to kill him in order to retrieve the evidence, which they found to be recordings of Il Veltro's meetings with Lansdale, proving that he had provided them with the virus. The evidence was transmitted to the BSAA's UK headquarters during an FBC raid, and Lansdale was immediately arrested by his own men.

Following Lansdale's arrest, the FBC was dissolved and all of its personnel and resources were merged into the BSAA and was reformed as a United Nations counter-terrorism organisation with greater jurisdiction around the world. Valentine then became a Special Operations Agent and throughout her partnership with Redfield, the duo became engaged in various operations, including bio-terrorism interdiction in Asia, destroying bio-weapon laboratories in South America and arresting traffickers in Europe.[11]

Spencer Estate raid

"Kind of takes you back, doesn't it?"

Valentine and Redfield during the raid of the Spencer Estate - 2006

In 2006, the BSAA received intelligence revealing the location of Dr. Oswell E. Spencer. Spencer was the CEO of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and had gone underground to hide from a global manhunt led by the US and Russian governments. Valentine and Redfield were assigned to raid the Spencer Estate and arrest him, hoping he would have information useful in the separate manhunt for Albert Wesker.[62] Upon entering the main hall, they found Lord Spencer's bodyguards dead, having been brutalised by a then unknown third party. A search underground revealed a dungeon where numerous prisoners had been experimented on or left to die, with B.O.W.s called "Blobs" left to roam the dungeon.[63] Returning to the castle above, the two gained entry into the library, finding Spencer dead, having been murdered by Wesker. The two agents fought him, though he held the upper hand due to his superhuman abilities. Believing Redfield close to death, Valentine charged at Wesker, throwing him and herself out the library window and down a cliff.[62][63]

BSAA reinforcements conducted a thorough search of the area, but found no sign of Valentine or Wesker, and on November 23, 2006, they were both declared dead in absentia.[64] Valentine's name was listed on the BSAA's List of Martyrs, a record of fallen soldiers.[11]

Under Albert Wesker's control

Valentine in cryostasis.

Though badly injured by the fall down the cliff, Valentine was kept alive by Wesker, kept in a comatose condition at Tricell Inc., Africa's top-secret B.O.W. research outpost near Kijuju. Following his own experiences with talking to Spencer, Wesker began work on the Uroboros Project, a doomsday project which he believed would force evolution on the survivors via a Progenitor strain dubbed "Uroboros". The prototype version of Uroboros shared Progenitor's negative tendency to cause death within nearly all patients, making it impractical for use on test subjects. Nonetheless, Valentine was slated to be in the first batch.[11] During the preliminary examination of her body, it was discovered that the vaccination she received in 1998 for her t-Virus infection had not totally immunised her. A mutant strain of the virus had in fact laid dormant in her body for the past eight years, and had activated during her time in a coma. Valentine's body quickly fought off the mutant virus and created new highly pure antibodies. This anomalous resistance made her worthless as an early stage test subject, though she was spared for further study.[11] Wesker theorised that exposure to Valentine's antibodies would give way to an Uroboros strain more tolerable to the human body, and kept her alive as a "living factory" to derive the antibodies from her blood.[11]

As work on Uroboros continued, constant monitoring on Valentine was no longer required, and she was released from captivity. Wesker desired her for further scientific use, and made her a test-subject for the P30 Project, a counterpart to Tricell's Plaga Project, which intended to create super soldiers with enhanced strength, susceptible to suggestion. The drawback to P30 was that the drug, derived from Progenitor research, was quickly metabolised and excreted. As Tricell had no data on the effects of a long-term trial, a specially-manufactured device was attached to her chest to periodically inject her with the drug.[11] Now under Wesker's control, Valentine was informally added to the emerging partnership between Wesker, Excella Gionne and Ricardo Irving.

Kijuju Incident

"I couldn't control my actions, oh but god... I was still aware. Forgive me..."

Valentine - under Wesker's control - disguised in Kijuju

As the Uroboros Project reached completion, and Tricell made plans to carry it out, Irving made use of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone as a test-bed for bio-weapons. Starting in summer of 2008, the Ndipaya tribe were implanted with Type 3 Plagas as test subjects, and by the start of 2009 people within the city of Kijuju itself were made hosts of the Type 2 purchased by rebels, who sought to use them as a recruiting tool for an insurrection. In March 2009, spies within the BSAA reported to Tricell that there would be an active investigation in Kijuju. Valentine was ordered to protect Irving in his planned business dealings. At a warehouse the BSAA knew Irving was to use, she left behind a Kijujuan man, abducted and forcibly infected with Uroboros. The mutant massacred the BSAA's "Alpha Team", and she and Irving escaped to a nearby quarry to continue the deal.[65] This deal ultimately never took place, however, and Irving would order the release of the B.O.W. specimens to fight the BSAA. When an SOA team consisting of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar cornered Irving, Valentine set off a smoke bomb and escaped with him to Irving's oil field.[66]

Valentine strangling Irving before giving him a Dominant Plaga sample - March, 2009

At the oil field, Valentine gave Irving's an ultimatum - he knew too much to allow his capture by the BSAA, nor could the BSAA be allowed to track their departure from the oil to the Tricell facility. Over the next day, Irving rigged the oil field with bombs to be set off if the BSAA caught up with them. In the event the pursuit continued, Irving was provided with a Dominant species Plaga egg to inject into his own body.[67] When the BSAA tracked them down at the oil field, Valentine made her escape on a speed-boat, leaving Irving to fight Redfield, Sheva, and Captain Josh Stone.[68]

Valentine awakens in Redfield's arms after being released from Wesker's control.

Arriving at a cave system,[69] Valentine made her way through the old ruins of the Ndipaya kingdom and towards Tricell's facility, meeting up with Wesker at what was once the palace of the Ndipaya kings, through which they were to gain passage to the coast, where a Tricell tanker was waiting to pick them up. Redfield and Alomar, who were in pursuit of Gionne, also reached this palace.[70] To buy time for Gionne, Wesker and Valentine began fighting the two BSAA agents relentlessly pursuing them across the palace. After seven minutes, Wesker ran out of time, and caught up with Gionne, leaving Valentine behind to deal with them.[71] Realising the device on her chest was affecting her behaviour, the two forced Valentine to the ground and ripped it out. Still weak from the fighting, Valentine stayed behind and urged the two to continue on.[72]

Valentine making it to the helicopter with Josh's aid - March, 2009

After passing out, Valentine was found by Stone, who had separated from Redfield and Alomar to radio BSAA HQ. Having returned with helicopter backup, Valentine warned him about the tanker, and agreed to come with him, as the helicopter was their only means to intercept it.[73] Moving through the train yard near the dock, Valentine found a radio station and called to the tanker. Succeeding in picking up Redfield, she informed him of a vulnerability of Wesker's she learned about during her captivity - he requires regular injection of "PG67A/W", and that an overdose would be lethal.[74] Valentine and Stone were chased by increasing numbers of Majini, forcing their assigned helicopter pilot, Doug, to pick them up much closer than planned. Though they made it onto the helicopter, Doug himself was killed when rebel forces carrying rocket launchers made their move. At Valentine's urging, Stone piloted the helicopter away from the dockland in search of the tanker.[75] Flying out to sea, the pair spotted a high-altitude stealth bomber take off from the tanker, lose control, and crash into a volcano. Flying over to investigate, Valentine helped pick up Redfield and Alomar, who were fighting Wesker, himself mutated from Uroboros infection. Supplying the two with RPG-7s, they succeeded in killing the bio-weapons developer.

After returning from Africa, Valentine was taken into a BSAA lab to undergo various tests due to her vast exposure to the various viruses, and Wesker's experiments. She e-mailed Burton about her boredom from these tests, saying that she was eager to get back out into the field once her rehabilitation was completed, gave him some advice on how to make peace with Moira and hoped to receive a return party in style.[64] Posteriorly, she and Redfield asked Burton to join BSAA, which he eventually accepted.[76]



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