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Jill Valentine (ジル・バレンタイン Jiru Barentain?) is an American police officer formerly linked to the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, the special forces division of the Raccoon Police Department.


Army and law enforcement career (1992)[]

In the early 1990s, Valentine served in the United States Army and got the attention of recruiters for Delta Force, the nation's primary counter-terrorism unit. Although the unit does not enlist women, Valentine was allowed to take part in the six-month intensive Operator Training Course, where she excelled in bomb disposal & lock-picking and was known for her delicate and nimble though precise dexterity, as well as resilience, courage, and discernment amid danger.[2][excerpt 1] This experience made Valentine one of the only women in the world with Delta Force training, capable of dismantling even the most intricate explosives in a matter of minutes.[3] During her time in the US Army, she met fellow soldier Forest Speyer who she would later work with more closely.[4] She left the military in pursuit of experiences that made her feel alive, as well as to assuage her sense of justice and intolerance for those who harm innocent people.[5][6]

Some time in 1996, Valentine was recruited by Albert Wesker for the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), an elite unit of Raccoon Police Department (RPD) that relied on military veterans and weapons-trained scientists to solve serious crimes in Raccoon City. Despite keeping her special forces training and personal life a secret, she made friends with several S.T.A.R.S. members during this time, including Chris Redfield, with whom she developed a close friendship and partnership, and under whom she often demanded to be trained in marksmanship. By July 1998, Valentine became the only woman to join Captain Wesker's Alpha Team, as the team's B&E specialist,[7] positioned at the rear in maneuvers with S.T.A.R.S. helicopter pilot Brad Vickers.

Mansion Incident (1998)[]

Джилл в ролике REsident Evil Remake

Valentine investigating Bravo team's helicopter – 1998

In the Spring and early Summer of 1998, Raccoon City was haunted by the deaths of a number of hikers and suburban families, which involved both vicious dog attacks and group cannibalism.[8] With the Raccoon Police Department at a loss, S.T.A.R.S. was ordered into the Arklay Mountains in search of a suspected hideout. Bravo Team was sent out on the night of 23 July, and contact was subsequently lost. The following day, the Alpha Team was sent out to investigate their disappearance and continue their investigation. Finding the helicopter derelict and its RPD pilot, Kevin Dooley, dead and mutilated, Alpha Team was confronted by a pack of dogs, who then killed Joseph Frost. Valentine, along with Wesker, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton, fled into a nearby mansion, while Vickers, in shock, fled to the helicopter and abandoned the team.[9]

Within the mansion itself, the four-man team split up to explore. Over the course of the night, they independently deduced that the mansion was a cover for a bio-weapons research laboratory under the control of Umbrella U.S.A., S.T.A.R.S.' biggest donor. Valentine began to suspect Burton was working against the team, owing to a series of suspicious actions, but later discovered Wesker had manipulated Burton with threats against his family. Wesker was in fact on a mission from Umbrella to retrieve bio-weapons research, then destroy the laboratory and kill the S.T.A.R.S. team to silence witnesses. The dog attacks and cannibal murders were found to have been the result of the t-Virus, a bio-weapon which had leaked out into the surrounding area.[10] With Wesker faking his death when activating a renegade bio-weapon-designated "Tyrant", Valentine, Redfield, Burton and Bravo Team's Rebecca Chambers escaped the lab before its destruction on Vickers' helicopter.

Raccoon's destruction (1998)[]

Once back in Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S.'s request for a full-scale investigation of Umbrella's activities was denied by their superior, Chief of Police Brian Irons. Their investigation was stalled by Irons' stone-walling and they were suspended from the force. While Redfield left for Europe to investigate Umbrella there, the others survivors left for their own respective interests. By mid-September, only Valentine and Vickers remained in Raccoon City. Valentine herself planned to leave by the end of the month; under continued surveillance, she was aided by Vickers who maintained the guise of alienating his comrades to operate as a mole in the RPD.

RE3MAKE Raccoon City2

Valentine fighting her way through Raccoon City – September, 1998

Over the course of a few short days, from 23–28 September, an accidental outbreak at Umbrella's NEST facility had made its way into Raccoon City and saw a large-scale outbreak manifest, starting from scattered violence on the 24th to heavy rioting on the 28th. It was at this time that Valentine became aware of the dire state of affairs in the city, first by receiving a warning on the phone by Vickers and immediately after by an attack on her apartment by the Nemesis, a prototype Umbrella B.O.W. sent into the city with orders to assassinate the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members.[11][12]

Valentine had to flee through the streets of Raccoon City. Valentine met with Vickers shortly after escaping from her apartment, and they both decided to leave town before the situation worsened. However, when trying to signal to a rescue helicopter in front of Black Jack Bar, a barrier holding infected citizens back fell causing them to flee into the bar. Vickers ended up infected while trying to keep the doors closed, forcing Valentine to leave him. She then made her way to the evacuation point atop a parking structure, but was once again ambushed by Nemesis who then felled the helicopter, forcing her to confront it in combat until she was rescued by Oliveira.[13][14][15][16] Regardless, Valentine ended up meeting with Oliveira who took her to where the UBCS was operating.

Resident Evil 3 remake official screenshot 2

Valentine along with Mikhail and Carlos in a tram – 28 September 1998

Over the course if the night of the 28th, Valentine worked with three UBCS members – Cpt. Mikhail Viktor, Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev and Cpl. Oliveira. She did thus reluctantly due to their association with Umbrella, though it became clear they were merely mercenaries sent out as sacrificial lambs rather than actual employees. Valentine worked with Sgt. Zinoviev and Oliveira to repair a tram they were hiding in; Cpt. Viktor was too wounded to help.[17]

Valentine helped UBCS to reactivate the train by luring Nemesis away. After apparently neutralizing the B.O.W. with Oliveira's help, Valentine set off on the tram with Viktor, Zinoviev and other Raccoon City survivors while Oliveira and Tyrell Patrick stayed behind to find Dr. Nathaniel Bard, who was said to have managed to create a cure for the t-Virus. However, after the tram left the station, the Pursuer suddenly invaded and killed all of the civilians before attacking Valentine and Viktor; Zinoviev took advantage of the distraction to lock them inside before fleeing. Viktor then sacrificed himself by blowing up a block of C4, derailing the train in an attempt to kill Nemesis and save Valentine. Soon after, she escaped the wreckage and contacted Oliveira to warn him about the evacuation failure and Zinoviev's betrayal before leaving the tram station. However, Nemesis survived the explosion, having transformed into an amphibious monster, and pursued Valentine again. She then was forced to fight the Pursuer in the Clock Tower courtyard and managed to successfully incapacitate it, but not before Nemesis stabbed Valentine and infected her.[18][19][20][21][22][23] The escape to the UBCS evacuation point failed, and Valentine was infected by the Pursuer in the Clock Tower, causing her to pass out due immediate infection.


Valentine, infected by the t-Virus, is supported by Oliveira – 29 September 1998

Valentine was found unconscious at the Clock Tower entrance by Oliveira at dawn on September 29 and was taken to Spencer Memorial Hospital, where, after an intensive search, a vaccine sample developed by Dr. Bard was obtained and injected into Valentine, who remained unconscious until the night of September 30.[24][25][26] Regardless, the vaccine allowed her body to destroy the t-Virus.

While recovering from her coma, Valentine heard from a TV broadcast that the city was to be destroyed, and after being told about the situation by Patrick, she followed to NEST-2, an Umbrella's laboratory hidden under the hospital, to help Oliveira recover Dr. Bard's vaccine stock and prevent the destruction of the city. However, Nemesis appeared, and resumed the pursuit, killing Patrick in the process. She evaded the B.O.W. while synthesizing a t-Virus vaccine. Amid the chase up to the lab's Disposal Center, Valentine incapacitated Nemesis, but in the process, the vaccine was stolen by Zinoviev, who fled soon after. The Pursuer persisted and mutated into a monstrously colossal form, due to its injuries. Valentine then attacked her assailant with an experimental railgun developed by Umbrella's scientists, killing it definitively by shoving the railgun into the monster's throat and firing.[27][28][29][30][31][32][33] In all accounts, Valentine eliminated Nemesis soon after discovering that Raccoon City was doomed to destruction.

Jill observes Raccoon Destruction RE3 re

Valentine witnessing Raccoon's destruction during her escape – 1 October 1998

After defeating the Pursuer, Valentine reached the helipad on the roof of NEST-2, and was ambushed by Zinoviev who used an unconscious Oliveira as a hostage to disarm her, and destroyed the vaccine sample. When he was about to execute Valentine and escape with the helicopter, Oliveira suddenly attacked Zinoviev and managed to immobilise him long enough for Valentine to shoot him, incapacitating him. They then escaped with the helicopter and abandoned Zinoviev.[34][35] In any case, Valentine and Oliveira escaped minutes before the experimental thermobaric bomb destroyed the city.


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