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You need to stop him! Chris, you're the only one who can! Before it's too late... Don't you trust your partner?

–Jill to Chris, stopping his concern for Jill and focus on Wesker

Jill Valentine is currently a member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, of which she is a co-founder and one of the original eleven members, making her a respected and high ranking operative of the organization. Prior to this, she was a member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team and during this time, she survived the infamous Mansion Incident and the Raccoon City Incident. She is the long time partner of Chris Redfield and has devoted almost her entire adult life to stopping bioterrorism and hated enemy, Albert Wesker. She is the first primary female protagonist introduced in the Resident Evil series.


Arklay Mountains Outbreak


Jill clothed in her S.T.A.R.S. uniform during the Mansion Incident; July 24th, 1998

Wesker... You're PATHETIC.

On July 23 1998, the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team was deployed to the Arklay Mountains located on the outskirts of Raccoon City after evidence of grisly, cannibalistic murders. Alpha team was sent to find out what happened to their comrades when communication with Bravo Team was lost only minutes later.Soon after their arrival, the team found the smoking, yet still intact, remains of Bravo Team's helicopter and were quickly attacked by vicious creatures. After witnessing the death of fellow Alpha Team member Joseph Frost, who was torn apart by a group of Cerberus, the team was abandoned by their helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers, and the remaining members fled to the nearby Spencer Estate, top secret research site of the Arklay Research Facility. Which was supposedly abandoned days after the construction.

Jill, along with fellow survivors Chris Redfield, Barry Burton, and Albert Wesker, assumed the mansion to be deserted. They would quickly discover the various beasts and monsters inhabiting the mansion, as well as the remains of their fallen Bravo Team compatriots. Through her cooperation with Barry, Jill was able to discover that the mansion was actually a front for a top-secret research facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation. They also came to find that Wesker was a double agent working for Umbrella and was surprised to find the whole situation had been staged perfectly. However, after Wesker was seemingly killed by the Tyrant T-002 Jill and Barry had accidentally activated. Leading to Jill and Barry's escape, along with Chris Redfield and the sole surviving Bravo Team member Rebecca Chambers, leaving behind the ruins of the estate, which self destructed.

Raccoon City Outbreak

There isn't going to be any rescue, we have to get out of here!
Jill Valentine Resident Evil 3

Jill during the Raccoon City Incident; September 28, 1998

After their return to Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S.'s request for a full-scale investigation of Umbrella's activities was denied by their superior, Chief Brian Irons of the R.P.D. With no support from the American government, Chris, Barry, Jill, and Rebecca decided to travel to Europe and investigate Umbrella themselves. Chris went ahead and traveled to Europe by himself by the end of August, while Barry went to Canada to relocate his family first. Jill decided to stay in Raccoon City in order to investigate the whereabouts of Umbrella's underground facility before joining her comrades.

However, two months after the mansion incident, her investigation was ruined when Raccoon City was infected with the t-virus. During her escape, she witnessed the death of Alpha team's pilot, Brad Vickers, at the hands of Nemesis T02, a Tyrant sent by Umbrella to assassinate the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members. Jill managed to thwart Nemesis temporarily and met with Carlos Oliveira, a surviving member of the UBCS along with Nicholai Ginovaef and Mikhail Victor. However, Mikhail gave his life protecting Jill and Carlos from Nemesis while Nicholai was presumed dead after an accident. Jill and Carlos ended up in a nearby clock tower after their cable car collided off-course. During the following battle with Nemesis, Jill was infected with the NE-T Virus and was taken to the clock tower's church by Carlos, where she lay there in a semi-coma. Two days later in the early hours of October 1st, Jill recovered after being administered with a serum by Carlos, and continued her search for escape.

Soon afterwards, she discovered another one of Umbrella's B.O.W. processing plant hidden behind a park. In this lab, she confronted Nicholai for the last time, and fought with Nemesis once again. Jill successfully destroyed Nemesis with a top-secret weapon that was transported to the facility a few days earlier and managed to escape from the city with Carlos in a helicopter piloted by Barry Burton. As they flew away, Jill witnessed the annihilation of Raccoon City on the order of the U.S. government. Jill and Barry would go on to become involved in various anti-Umbrella groups and activities until Umbrella's closure.

Russia Outbreak


Jill clad in winter-wear as she and Chris prepare to infiltrate the Umbrella Facility in Russia, 2003

The end of Umbrella is just a question of time.

In 2003, Jill had now focused her life on exposing and destroying Umbrella. She and Chris Redfield, now partners, had joined an anti-bioterror organization. They were dropped off at a Russian Umbrella facility, where they carried out a full-scale assault on the facility, destroying any of Umbrella's old Bio-Weapons encountered, and skillfully avoiding traps.

They made their way through the facility and eventually, they were confronted with a new experimental Bio-Weapon, codenamed T-A.L.O.S. Sergei Vladimir revealed himself to be the creator, and sealed Chris and Jill inside the T-A.L.O.S. containment room and activated the monster. Having no choice but to fight, the partners were successfully able to defeat it and in doing so, finally put an end to Umbrella once and for all.

After escaping the facility, Jill and Chris were reluctant to celebrate their victory over Umbrella, as they were well aware that their old nemesis Wesker was still at large, meaning that their troubles were not yet over.

Umbrella slowly declined and was shut down. Jill and Chris remained partners and continued to try and put an end to bioterrorism.

After Umbrella

Kind of takes you back, doesn't it?
Jill Valentine BSAA

Jill Valentine in her BSAA uniform as she and Chris infiltrate the Spencer Estate, 2006.

After the collapse of Umbrella, rivals and terrorist groups managed to get their hands on Umbrella's projects. With the growing fear of a bio-terror holocaust in Africa, Chris and Jill co-founded a Bioterror Assessment group partly to locate Wesker who was revealed to be alive when Chris fought him while searching for his sister in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. In 2006, a tip led Chris and Jill to arrest Ozwell E. Spencer, one of the key founders of Umbrella, but when they located him in his monster filled mansion home, he had already been killed by Wesker. Chris and Jill opened fire but were easily taken down by Wesker's superhuman strength. With Wesker ready to deliver a fatal blow to Chris, Jill selflessly tackled Wesker (releasing his grasp on Chris) out the window and descended down the cliff side with Wesker firmly in her grasp.

Re5 jill

Jill Valentine's tombstone

Test Subject

Jill Valentine in her test tube

Jill Valentine in cryostasis

Remarkable. Still resisting at such an advanced stage. Commendable, but futile.

Her body was never found and she was presumed dead. In truth, however she had survived, but was badly injured and unconscious. Wesker then took Jill, and intended to use her as one of the first test subjects in his Uroboros Project. Placing her in cryogenic sleep, Wesker discovered an abnormality within Jill's body: a remnant of the t-virus infection from Raccoon City, which had been reactivated by the cryogenic stasis. As the virus disappeared, it left in its place powerful antibodies, which Wesker then used in order to help make the Uroboros less poisonous, thus giving human subjects a better chance of surviving infection. As a result of the antibody extraction Jill's hair became a light blond color, and her skin became paler due to lack of sunlight (etiolation). After using her to further his virus-development, Wesker then decided to use her as a potential super soldier. His method was to use "P30", a Progenitor-virus based chemical, which granted the user immense strength and speed, but also made them susceptible to control. While P30 had potential, it also lasted for only a short time, due to the body metabolizing it quickly. To remedy this Wesker placed a mechanism on Jill's chest to release a steady stream of P30 into her, in order to keep her under his control, while she hid behind a cloak and beak shaped mask.

Kijuju Outbreak

Cloaked Woman

Jill in her cloak disguise.

You're our only hope to survive this...

Brainwashed and disguised, Jill was sent to assist and keep an eye on Ricardo Irving, an employee of Excella. Chris went to Kijuju to investigate strange happenings somehow involving Tricell, and was introduced to Agent Sheva Alomar, his new partner assigned to aid him in the region she was familiar with. During their pursuit of Irving, Chris found files which included pictures of a blonde woman in a pod who looked like Jill Valentine, giving him hope for her survival. When the pair closed in on Irving's location, he saw them coming from a security camera and fled to a mining area with Jill beside him in an old car. Chris and Sheva followed him to the mining area and soon cornered Irving in his hiding place where he was hiding plans to his operation. As the three held each other at gunpoint, a smoke grenade was all of a sudden thrown into the room, blinding Chris and Sheva. The disguised Jill then swung down, crashed through the window, and grabbed Irving, urging him to hurry. Mocking the agents, Irving was swiftly pulled out another window by the cloaked Jill, who Chris and Sheva did not recognize. While the two escaped, the agents saw where they were going on the documents Irving was guarding: an oil field in the marshlands.

Chris and Sheva went in pursuit to the area in question, attempting to capture Irving while also searching for Jill. They refused to retreat and fought past Irving's forces until they found the Tricell oil facility, where Irving was holed up. Inside the base, Jill gave Irving a briefcase of gold bars as his payment, but he accused the mind controlled Jill as being no more than "one of Excella's playthings". Jill demanded to know how Irving was going to eliminate the B.S.A.A. agents since all other attempts had failed. She strangled Irving and held him up to a wall with one hand, making use of her enhanced strength. She demanded further to know how Irving planned to kill Chris and Sheva. While he continued to mock and insult Jill as a mere servant, Irving was eventually persuaded and convinced her he would handle the situation. Jill released her grip and handed Irving a Control Plaga sample, ordering him to use it as a means of destroying Chris and Sheva. Irving tried to avoid the Plaga injection by setting off the self destruction of the field to get rid of the agents and fled on his yacht, with Jill accompanying him to the dock one last time. She then jumped down to a speed boat and escaped as Sheva spotted and recognized her from before. The field, being more dry than expected, failed to kill the pair as they escaped and followed Irving. They would eventually defeat the mutated Irving in combat and find out where Jill went from him.

Jill took her speed boat to the cave leading to the underground facility and went to report to Wesker and Gionne. Chris and Sheva arrived and found the boat docked in the cave, remembering the cloaked woman used it to escape and noticing that the key was missing. Jill reported to Wesker and Gionne about the B.S.A.A.'s arrival. Wesker sent Gionne and Jill to deal with the agents while he waited deeper in the center. Eventually, Chris and Sheva came across the pod they had seen within the file earlier, though it was now empty. They were contacted by Excella, who claimed that she didn't know where Jill was. Not believing her, they decided to track her down. They first met Excella in an experimental room deep within the facility with Jill standing beside her in an observation window. Excella told them about some process of evolution as a test subject began to transform into the creature Uroboros Mkono. After the "unworthy" subject fully mutated, Excella and Jill left. When Chris and Sheva defeated Mkono, they pursued Gionne and the cloaked servant. They eventually encountered Gionne in the flesh, and the masked Jill interrupted and nearly overpowered the two agents, despite being outnumbered.

A stray shot knocks away her mask, and Wesker pulls back her hood, revealing her to be Jill Valentine herself. Chris tries to talk to Jill but, under Wesker's control, she attacks him and Sheva with a flurry of hand to hand moves. This starts a battle, where the player has to avoid Wesker for 7 minutes or severely damage him enough to make him flee. During this time, Wesker can avoid virtually any attack thrown at him unless Chris is hiding at the time, while Jill can still be damaged and knocked down. If the player kills Jill, they get a game over screen reading "Your Partner Died", the same as if their AI partner was killed. Wesker gets ready to leave, but upon hearing Chris call Jill's name, Jill resists Wesker's control. He notes down the resistance, calling it fascinating to be happening at such a late stage and leaves her in great pain. A mechanism on her chest, responsible for injecting her with the P30 serum, is exposed at this point and has to be removed. Chris can try to pull off the device, or it can be shot off. (at a risk though, as Jill dies easily) Released from Wesker's control but severely weakened, Jill apologizes for her actions, stating that she had no control but was fully aware of everything she did. She tells the pair that they have to leave her behind and stop Wesker. Chris objects, but grudgingly agrees when Jill asks if he trusts his partner. After the pair leaves through an elevator, Jill finally declares that Chris is the world's only hope.Jill, severely weakened, collapsed after Chris left to fight Wesker. She was woken by BSAA Delta team captain Josh Stone and the two decided to team up in an attempt to help Chris and Sheva.

The two fought their way through masses of enemies, including chainsaw majini and executioner majini, eventually reaching a communications facility. Jill calls Chris on his PDA and passes along some vital information: Wesker's superhuman speed and strength come from the virus within him, a virus which is kept in balance by a serum he must be injected with. If he can be injected with an overdose of the serum, it should severely damage his body and weaken his abilities. As it happens, the two of them had just happened to come into possession of a vial of the serum earlier in the day, and it is only through application of this serum that Wesker is forced to retreat.

Jill and Josh make their way to the roof of the facility and await the rescue chopper, which is being piloted by BSAA operative, Doug. They have to hold off against dozens of Majini and B.O.W.s while they wait for Doug. When the chopper arrives, the two make a break for it, however, a nearby explosion caused by a majini welding a rocket launcher causes Jill to be knocked back and greatly injured. Josh lifts her to her feet and supports her as they try to reach the chopper, while Doug provides cover. The pair make it into the helicopter but before Doug can join them, he is killed by a majini. Josh pilots the chopper and Jill covers them with a rifle. She gets revenge for Doug's death by shooting the majini that killed him right between the eyes. They arrive to help Chris and Sheva just as Wesker falls into the molten lava. Jill throws a ladder out to Chris and Sheva. They climb into the chopper, Chris barely grabbing on before the ground melts into magma. Just as they climb inside the cabin, Wesker desperately reaches out with his mutated arm and immobilizes the helicopter, attempting to bring his most hated enemies with him as he dies. Jill tells Chris and Sheva to use the weapons stored in the the cabin, a pair of RPG-7s. They kill Wesker and release his grip on the helicopter. In the final cutscene in the chopper, Jill simply says "Finally....".



Jill in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

Jill's standard and most well-known outfit is a pair of blue assault pants with a light blue formfitting shirt and shoulder/neck armor, completed with a blue beret on her head. In addition to her S.T.A.R.S. uniform in the first game, Jill wore a casual outfit consisting of jeans and a black midriff. In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, she wore a sleeveless blouse with jeans and boots as a default outfit in the game's Arranged Mode. The Sega Saturn version of the first game also featured Jill in an alternate version of her S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

In Resident Evil 3, she wears a blue tube top, black mini-skirt and a white sweater wrapped around her waist as her default outfit. This is also a well-known outfit and is the outfit worn by Sienna Guillory in the second film. She has a total of five alternate outfits (eight in later versions), including her original S.T.A.R.S. uniform, a police mini-skirt, a biker outfit, and a disco outfit. The Resident Evil remake featured her standard Resident Evil 3 outfit and a new military outfit.

In Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (the Nintendo DS port of the original), Jill gets to wear her original casual outfit, as well as a revealing policewoman uniform in the game's "Rebirth" mode.

In Umbrella Chronicles, Jill wears a purple and blue winter attire when she encounters TALOS in Russia.

In Resident Evil 5, Jill sports a blue BSAA uniform during her mission to apprehend Spencer. This outfit bears some resemblance to her S.T.A.R.S. uniform, with a cap replacing her beret. When she is taken by Wesker she is stripped of her uniform and placed in a skin tight blue and black battle suit. Her disguise over the battle suit in Kijuju includes a long cloak and a beak-shaped mask.

The Mercenaries

Jill is playble in the Mercenaries of Resident Evil 5 with two outfits BSAA and Battle Suit.

Costume and Weapons


Position Attack Strength
Head High Kick 350HP
Arm (Front) Roundhouse 250 HP
Arm (Back) Reverse Roundhouse 250 HP
Leg (Front) Sweep Kick 350 HP
Leg (Back) Head Grab Instant Death, no Plaga
Grounded Double Knee Drop 1200 HP
Combo Finisher Flip Kick 2000 HP
Combo Finisher Cartwheel Kick 2000 HP (x2)
Grapple Breaker Double Kick 350 HP (x2)
Stunned Wesker Reverse Kick, High Kick, Front Kick, Knee Strike, Double Heel Drop 2500 HP

Other Appearances

Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Jill, as portrayed by Sienna Guillory in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

In the movie Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Jill is portrayed by Sienna Guillory. Early in the film, a newspaper article in her apartment hints at her dismissal from the S.T.A.R.S. unit and her involvement with Nemesis. It also states that Jill was suspended from S.T.A.R.S. after the death of her partner, Leon Kennedy. Both add to similarities between the movie and the game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Although, due to the vastly different conclusion, as well as the role of Alice, the game and movie are alternate universes.

In Apocalypse, Jill had been a rising star in the S.T.A.R.S. organization, before her reputation was ruined after a botched mission know as "The Arklay Mountains Incident". Information from the movie's website indicates that she gained insight into a "classified bioweapon weakness", which was said to be a "cranial flaw". Initially the Umbrella Corporation intended to bribe her, so their bioweapons wouldn't lose market value. Had that failed, they planned to have her "neutralized". In the film, Jill maintains a strong friendship with S.T.A.R.S. officer Peyton Wells. During a T-virus outbreak in Raccoon City, Jill attempted to leave the city through a quarantine screening set up by Umbrella at Ravens Gate Bridge. When the infection reached the Gates, Umbrella sealed off the sector and urged that all citizens return to their homes.

Upon heading back to the city, Jill stumbled upon news reporter Terri Morales, who managed to video tape Umbrella's actions at the Bridge. When Jill decides to hold up at Ravens Gate Church, her group is attacked by Lickers, Alice manages to locate Jill and her companions whom are hiding out. It is notable that Jill is far less self-sufficient in the movie, and likely would have died if not for the help of Alice. When Umbrella intervenes Dr. Ashford's plan to use Alice to get his daughter Angela out of the city in exchange for a safe departure out of the city. Jill is taken hostage and is later released by Carlos during a gunfight (with Umbrella agents) against Alice at Raccoon City Hall. Before the destruction of Raccoon City, Jill manages to get the survivors out. Upon departure the helicopter is hit by the blast wave and crashes into the Arklay Mountains. All except Alice survive the crash; the remaining survivors flee the scene. At the end of Apocalypse, Carlos and Jill are both wanted criminals by Umbrella for allegedly posting a hoax video to cover up a nuclear meltdown that occurred at Raccoon City. Both infiltrate Umbrella's Chicago Facility to recover Alice, who was resurrected using a new viral agent.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Sienna Guillory did not reprise her role as Jill in the 2007 film Resident Evil: Extinction, due to scheduling conflicts with Eragon.

In the film's novelization, it is explained that Jill was spotted by Federal Agents after escaping Raccoon City with the others. She surrendered to the authorities to buy the other survivors time to escape. After being interrogated, she was taken to San Francisco to advise local police and military on how to deal with the undead threat.

Over the next five years, Jill traveled the wasteland of North America, occasionally taking survivors to join up with the convoy that Carlos and L.J. were members of. She herself, however, had little interest in being part of a group, and stayed on her own.

Five years into the outbreak, Jill arrived in the ruins of Baltimore, where she stumbled upon a ruthless group of survivors holed up in the city convention center who attempted to mug her. She escaped, however, killing two of her would-be murderers in the process. Continuing through the city, she discovered that the hundred or so humans outside of the convention center gang were slowly being killed off, either by starvation, murder, or the t-virus. Gathering them together, she sought the aid of a former Baltimore police officer named Jasper, appealing to him by reminding of the oath they, as police officers, took, "to protect and serve." With the city's other inhabitants, they succeeded in retaking the convention center, establishing Baltimore as one of the few havens still available to humanity. She intended to leave once this was done, but Jasper convinced her to stay, arguing that she was the leader they needed.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

In Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Jill is one of the game's few Capcom characters who aren't from fighting games. Jill wears her costume from the original Resident Evil and is voiced by her Resident Evil 3 voice actress, Catherine Disher. She can use a number of weapons and enemies from Resident Evil. Jill can attack with:

George A. Romeros unproduced script

In George A. Romeros unproduced script, Jill Valentine was chosen as the lead character alongside Chris and the two were involved in a romantic relationship together.Also, Jill was the captain of S.T.A.R.S, rather than Wesker.


In S.D. Perry's novelizations of the games, it is stated that Jill is the daughter of a professional thief (Dick Valentine), and was his accomplice prior to her career in law enforcement, explaining her unrivaled infiltration skills and expertise at lock picking. However, this back-story is not supported by any of the games and is considered non-canonical. She is a central character in the first novel, briefly appears in the second and third, and returns as the main protagonist in the fifth.

Appears In:

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy (Based on Resident Evil)

Resident Evil: Caliban Cove

Resident Evil: City of the Dead (Based on Resident Evil 2)

Resident Evil: Nemesis (Based on Resident Evil 3)



Comparison of Jill Valentine and Julia Voth

  • Jill's character model from the 2002 Gamecube Remake onwards, was based on actress Julia Voth.
  • Jill Valentine has the distinction of being the first Resident Evil character to use strong language in a Resident Evil game. "Shit! It’s broken!" - Resident Evil (remake)
  • Jill is generally considered by fans as the most competent female protagonist of the series. She is more calm and collected than the more emotional Claire, and is a more mature and able combatant than Rebecca. Jill also has more biohazard containment experience, as well as better biohazard understanding/knowledge than Sheva Alomar. She also single-handedly defeated the Nemesis, one of Umbrella's deadliest bio-weapons to date.
  • Jill is skilled at playing the piano.
  • In Resident Evil 2, one can search Jill's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office of the RPD. On her desk is a picture which, when examined, is described as her being with a young man, possibly her boyfriend. Nothing else is known about the man. Jill doesn't acknowledge the photo when she retrieves a lock pick from her desk in Resident Evil 3.
  • Just like Chris Redfield's outfits have green as their primary color, most of Jill's outfits have blue or shades of blue as their primary color.
  • rated Jill the seventh greatest video game babe of all time making remarks on how they awaited her return.
  • To date, Jill, Claire Redfield, Carlos Oliveira, and Albert Wesker are the only main characters in the Resident Evil series that have appeared in the Resident Evil film adaptions.
  • In the Umbrella Chronicles, Jill's counter attack is a shock from her taser, followed by a kick away kick.
  • The mask that Jill wears in Resident Evil 5 bears a striking resemblance to those worn by European Plague Doctors during the 14th century.
  • In the game Dead Rising, also developed by Capcom, Jill's name is used as a cameo. A restaurant called Jill's Sandwiches is seen, this pokes fun at the infamous Barry Burton line, "you were almost a Jill sandwich". And upon closer inspection a description of the restaurant owner "Jill" reveals that "Jill is a master of Sandwich making" which also pokes fun at more of Barry's corny dialogue.
  • On February 18, 2010, Jill's BSAA costume was launched as a avatar item on the Xbox Marketplace for 320 Microsoft Points.
  • Jill Valentine and Jack Krauser are the only 2 main characters that wear berets thus creating a "Jack and Jill" joke.
  • Before the release of RE5, the cloaked version of Jill (which true identity whose Jill was still unknown) is named "Bird-Lady" by fans because of the bird-like mask she wears.
  • Jill's blue-eyed, blonde-haired ponytail appearance makes her bear some resemblance to another Capcom survival horror video game protagonist, Fiona Belli, from Haunting Ground, although their facial structure is noticeably different. See this image for a comparison.


Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Marvel vs. Capcom 2






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