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"Those were some pretty slick moves back there. I'm good, but I'm not that good. "
— To Alice.

Jill Valentine (died 2012) was a Raccoon City police officer who lived during the global T-virus pandemic of 2002-2012. After her experiences during the outbreak's initial stages in Raccoon City, Valentine became involved in anti-Umbrella operations and was eventually captured and turned into an Umbrella agent. In 2012 she was freed from Red Queen's mind-control, but died during an attack on the White House soon after. Jill Valentine (died 2012) was a Raccoon City police officer who lived during the global T-virus pandemic of 2002-2012. After her experiences during the outbreak's initial stages in Raccoon City, Valentine became involved in anti-Umbrella operations and was eventually captured and turned into an Umbrella agent. In 2012 she was freed from Red Queen's mind-control, but died during an attack on the White House soon after.


Raccoon City Incident

Jill had raised herself in the S.T.A.R.S. special police force as their rising star. Her reputation was ruined after a botched investigation known as "The Arklay Mountains Incident". She gained insight into a "classified bioweapon weakness", which was said to be a "cranial flaw". Initially, Umbrella intended to bribe her to keep the international bioweapons market a secret. Had that failed, they planned to have her "neutralized".[3][4] She attempted to go to her superiors with the information and was suspended from duty on the grounds that she was suffering from a breakdown following a colleague's death.

The Raccoon City Incident began during her suspension, and she quickly armed herself and reported for duty at the Raccoon City Police Station, quickly finding the ill-prepared in dealing with the Undead. Saving a criminal named L.J. from an Undead prostitute, Jill warned everyone inside to leave the city immediately. By the time she got to Raven Gate Bridge Umbrella had set up a checkpoint and evacuation was slowed to prevent the T-virus escaping. When an Undead civilian attacked S.T.A.R.S. Sergeant Peyton Wells, the checkpoint was closed and everyone left inside forced back into the city.

Jill, Peyton and journalist Terri Morales hid at the nearby Raven's Gate Church, meeting Angus Mackenzie inside. Jill explored more of the church, finding the church's priest feeding body parts to his Undead sister. A fight took place as Jill tried to kill the woman against the priest's wishes, but the woman broke out of her restraints and killed her brother while their attention was elsewhere. Jill shot the woman immediately after, alerting a group of Lickers to their presence, and resulting in Angus' death. The three were then saved by rogue Umbrella agent Alice.

Jill, Alice, Peyton and Terri make their way through city cemetery. As they go on a bit further Peyton stops and begins to feel pain. Alice pulls her gun on him, resulting in immediate retaliation from Jill. Though Alice explains what will happen, Jill assures her that if Peyton turns, she'll "take care of it". Soon thereafter, the Undead begin to rise from the graves and attack the group. Alice and Jill try to stop them but the group is forced to retreat.

As the group roam the streets they get a call from a Dr. Charles Ashford; he tells them that he can get them out of Raccoon City before Umbrella nukes the city, if and only if they rescue his daughter, Angela Ashford.

Jill in Raccoon City Junior School.

On the way to Raccoon City Junior School where Angela, is hiding, the group is confronted by the Nemesis and Peyton is killed. Jill fires on Nemesis to no avail, Alice tells Jill and Terri to run while she distracts the monster. Jill and Terry try to hot wire a truck when a revived Peyton attacks them. Jill kills him, shooting him point-blank in the head. As the two head for the school, they encounter L.J., the man she rescued back at the police department.

Once they reach Raccoon City Junior School, Jill tells L.J. and Terri that they'll all need to split up to find Angela. When Jill finally finds Angela, she discovers Terri has been killed. Jill and Angela make their way to the school's cafeteria, which is occupied by the Undead and a pack of dogs. Jill tries her best to take care of them but the dogs are too much for her to handle. Nicholai Ginovaef comes to her aid and holds off the remaining dogs while they escape. Jill and Angela make their way to the kitchen, once again they are confronted by the pack of dogs. They creep through the kitchen quick enough to reach the exit and are rescued by Alice. They regroup with L.J. and Carlos Olivera, who informs them he and Nicholai --- who is found dead in the cafeteria --- were also sent by Ashford to rescue his daughter.

The group uses a pay phone outside of the school to contact Dr. Ashford, he informs them that the only way out of the city is on Umbrella helicopter at Raccoon City Hall. The group travels to city hall and take out the Umbrella soldiers guarding the area. As the group boards the helicopter they are taken hostage by Timothy Cain. After a brief battle between Alice and Nemesis, Jill and the others are freed from their restraints. Jill secures Angela and joins in the fight against Umbrella soldiers. When the threat is neutralized, they board a helicopter and leave Raccoon City just as the nuclear warhead lands on the city. The helicopter is thrown into a tail spin and crashes just outside the city, somewhere in the Arklay Mountains. During the crash, Alice was hit by a piece of internal structure from the plane and was injured to the point of no hope, but the others escaped before Umbrella arrived.

At an unknown point in time, Jill and the others sent Terri's recording of the outbreak to the news; their efforts, however, are thwarted by Umbrella, who circulate the false story of a nuclear reactor meltdown as the cause of the city's destruction. Their proof discredited as a hoax, Jill and Carlos are wanted by the authorities.

Three weeks after the Raccoon City incident, Jill, Carlos, L.J., and Angela, learn of Alice's survival and infiltrate a laboratory as Alice regains her memories and escapes. Unaware of Dr. J. Isaacs' aid and the "Project Alice" program, they secure Alice from Umbrella and depart from facility grounds. Jill inquires what happened to Alice while she was there, but she gets no response.

Umbrella agent

Sienna Guillory in Afterlife post credits

Now controlled by Umbrella, Jill and dozen Umbrella soldiers have been sent to eliminate all remaining survivors, including primary targets, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and "Project Alice". She informs her soldiers to take no prisoners and shoot to kill, and that they'll be in for the fight of their lives. She and her unit attacks the Arcadia and successfully captures the survivors aboard the ship.

Under the command of the Red Queen, Jill hunts Alice and Ada Wong down with orders to capture them. She captures Ada and is later confronted by Alice above the Umbrella facility she was held captive in. The two then engage in hand-to-hand combat as Leon Kennedy and Luther West fight the clone of Rain Ocampo. Just as Jill was preparing to kill Alice, Alice ripped the scarab device controlling her off her chest and shot the device, returning Jill to normal.

Alice joins in the fight against Rain, who had just killed Luther and injured Leon. After a serious beating, Alice notices the Undead below the frozen sea. Jill throws Alice her gun, allowing her to shoot the ice where Rain was standing, causing her to fall through and be eaten by the Undead. Jill, along with Ada, Leon, Alice and Becky, are present when Albert Wesker returns Alice's powers to her and later explains his plot for his final stand against the Red Queen and the Undead.


In The Final Chapter, Wesker's defection from Umbrella is revealed to be a ploy to gather the surviving remnants of humanity in one location. Wesker ultimately betrays those he gathered, destroying the White House and killing all but Alice, including Jill.


Further notes

  • Natasha Henstridge was asked to play the role of Jill Valentine,[5] but could not accept due to "other work commitments".[6]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kirsten Dunst along with Natasha Henstride were some of the actresses considered to play Jill Valentine for the first film when different scripts were being developed for the film, but it's been said that the big problem lot of them had with those was the level of violence and the amount of nudity.
  • Her appearance at the end of Afterlife, as well as her outfit, is a nod to Jill as she appeared in Resident Evil 5.
  • Sienna Guillory based her movements of Jill by watching the way the character moved in the game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[7]
  • Originally, Jill Valentine was to appear in Resident Evil: Extinction as the leader of the convoy. Her role would've have been major and involved a subplot concerning her resentment toward Alice for killing Angela while under the control of Umbrella and her eventual sacrifice for the convoy when she became infected by a zombified Carlos.[8] However, Sienna was unable reprise her role as Jill because of scheduling conflicts with Eragon. As a result, she was written out of the movie and replaced with Ali Larter as Claire Redfield.
  • In the mid-credits scene of Resident Evil: Afterlife Jill is shown issuing explicit orders to take no prisoners on Arcadia. The opening scene of Resident Evil: Retribution however shows Umbrella forces clearly using nets to capture some of the refugees rather than outright killing all of them. Alice and Claire are also later revealed to have been captured, which seems to indicate that Jill's orders were only given to her immediate squad inside the airship she was travelling on. Either this, or the orders were immediately countermanded offscreen.
  • In the novelization of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, it is revealed that Jill Valentine was gravely injured by Albert Wesker after he impaled her through her left eye socket and into her brain with a tendril formed from his index finger. Stirring around the contents of her skull with the tendril until he believed her to be dead, before dropping her lifeless body to the ground. This surprisingly did not kill her though, as Jill survived long enough, albeit in a heavily brain damaged state, to free Alice from the Melange, a creature exclusive to the novel. Now free from the creature, Alice desperately crawled towards her friend, only to watch as she was ensnared by the Melange that absorbed her into its mass, killing her.


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