Jill Valentine (BIOHAZARD 3 Ver.) & Drain Deimos is a toy set which was manufactured and sold by Moby Dick as part of their "Series 1" in the BIOHAZARD Real Shock Action Figure line of toys. The box set contains Jill Valentine in her standard Resident Evil 3: Nemesis appearance, and a Drain Deimos. Gold, Silver, and Bronze variants of the toy were also produced.


Jill Stands about 8 inches tall and features her default appearance in Resident Evil 3. She comes with two snap on pouches for her belt and a Western Custom M37. The M37's lever moves but serves little purpose as Jill has very little articulation. The only articulation present on this figure are rotation joints at the shoulders and waist, and a pivot join on the head. She also comes with a stand to display on. The stand is decorated with the Biohazard Logo and contains the messages "Physical Containment Level P4" and "Biological Containment Level B2" on it below the logo.

The Drain Deimos has considerably more work put into it. Its Shoulders, neck, ankles, and, thighs are all on ball joints and able to rotate and pivot in a variety of directions. Arms have bendable elbows and the larger claws on the hands can be rotated. The figure has plastic hairs (similar to that of a hair brush) all over its back and thighs adding to the detail.

These figures come packed with Nemesis Type-3's lower torso.



Drain Deimos



Nemesis Part


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