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Jill Valentine was a Raccoon City police officer who survived the T-virus outbreak there.


Early life

Jill was born to an Episcopalian father and a Jewish mother; both parents did not practice their religion. She nonetheless learnt enough to tell apart Catholic and non-Catholic churches.[1] In her youth, Jill would hang out at McSorley's Bar and Grill, where she would hustle patrons at the snooker table.[2]

Police force

During her employment under the Raccoon City Police Department, Jill was involved in an incident in the mountains where her partner was killed. Insisting Zomboids were to blame, she was relieved of duty. Ready to move out of the city and start anew, she was caught up in a viral outbreak.[2]

Viral outbreak

After Raaccoon City, Jill was arrested by the FBI while staying at the "It'll Do Motel" in Idaho. She was flown to Boise, Idaho and then taken to Washington, D.C. for interrogation. In reality, Jill had planned to be arrested, knowing she'd give Alice Abernathy time to escape.[3]


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