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Jill Valentine was a BSAA agent from the Material World's present. She was caught up in a Quake incident which led to her partnering up with dozens of people from different realities.


Jill and Chris Redfield were caught up in a rift while on board a sinking ship (assumed to be the Queen Zenobia). They found their way on another ship, the Bermuda, which they found to be populated by Ooze. Forcing them to the deck, they discovered over people: Chun-Li; Rikiya; Hsien-Ko; Bruno and Morrigan, under attack from Zabel Zarock's army of zombies. Unaware of the previous incident, they reluctantly accepted an explanation by the reporter Frank and joined the group. Heihachi Mishima soon after arrived and explained further that there must, logically, have be another disaster unfolding in Japan. With Zabel Zarock and his army defeated, he let it slip his allegiance with Jedah Dohma before leaving. Attempting to finally interrogate Heihachi, the group was suddenly dragged through a rift into the Makai.[1]

Chris; Jill and Rikiya found themselves separated from the others and in the middle of nowhere. After some traveling, they wound up at the Curien Mansion, the site of a prior biohazard. They were met by the AI Aura, who warned them about their memories coming to life due to the power of the alien Feydooms. The three were then attacked by zombies and Ooze. After defeating the first few, a number of other people arrived outside the gates: Akira; Frank; Hsien-Ko; Estelle; Neneko; Kite; Dante; Yuri; Bahn; Tron; ServBot; BlackRose; and Arthur the Night. Because of Jill's memories, they were attacked by a copy of the Nemesis-T Type.[2]


Further notes

  • Jill is familiar with the exploits of Interpol agent Chun-Li.
  • Jill mistakes Aura for the ghost of a U.D.S. victim.


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