Further notes

Jim Chapman's game play relies primarily on luck. He has three special abilities as of File #2, one more than the other survivors. The first ability is his aforementioned ability to Play Dead, which causes him to lay flat on the ground and not attract the attention of enemies around him. This raises his infection meter significantly, however. It also works well as a dodge move. His second ability is "Item Search" which lets him see all of the items on the map but doesn't reveal what they are until he finds them. His third ability is the Combo Swing, which gives him a multi-hit combo with swung melee weapons such as Wooden Poles and Iron Pipes. Jim has the lowest Health of any male character in the game, he also has the highest infection rate of any character. Jim's Coin and Lucky Coin allow him to raise his critical hit ratio if he gets Heads multiple times in a row. His critical hit ratio applies to all weapons, making him a very useful character.  As an AI partner, he will often distance himself from the player regardless of his relationship with the player character. Jim will prioritise weaponry over ammo, and will oftentimes replace ammo with another weapon. Jim will also heal himself even after taking minimal damage should he have a healing item in his inventory.


Personal Item: Coin (Jim)

Jim always brings a coin with him at all times. He can flip it to increase the chance of critical attacks.

Extra Item (Outbreak File 2 Only): Lucky Coin

Jim's Lucky Coin boosts his Critical Hit chance and also prevents his weapons from being damaged.

Staff Key -Underbelly scenario

Jim and his AI-type characters will possess this key from the start, which will save a lot of time to the player, however he will not have the key in hard and very hard mode.


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