Further notes
  • Unlike most of the other survivors (Yoko, David and Cindy for example), Jim is never scripted to die during any of the scenarios in either game if he is not picked as a character or ally.
  • The shoes Jim wears are Reeboks, as noted by the company's logo in the credits.
  • In The Hive scenario, Jim compares the Leech Zombie with Dhalsim from Street Fighter.[1]
  • In the Flashback scenario, if the player ad-libs in the room where Dorothy is located, the subtitles will read "Is this the root of the problem?" This is a poke at the original Resident Evil.
  • A collection of Jim's lines of dialogue can be unlocked in Resident Evil Outbreak by collecting all of his special items, and then paying 2000 points.[2]
  • Many of Jim's SP Items in File #2 are shoes of some kind. These can range from simple sneakers to wooden clogs.
  • If the player heals him with a First Aid Spray, he may call for help and even insult the player character.



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