DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Jisun Burton was survivor the initial stages of the global T-virus pandemic.


Jisun was a third-degree black belt in Kenshikai karate, and worked as a martial arts instructor prior to the outbreak. She would later find herself in Alice Abernathy's 'strike team', and was assigned the protection of Angela Ashford.

At Purdue University, Indiana, Jisun witnessed Alice being forced under Dr. Sam Isaacs' control, and the two fought. Jisun managed to bring Alice to the ground, but the woman regained control right when Jisun took out a gun. Jisun ended up with a bloody nose as Alice forced her back.

Their fighting got the attention of a group of Zomboids, and Jisun was overwhelmed. She managed to use her Glock, but shot Alice in the shoulder. Alice, still under some degree of control, refused to help Jisun, walked back to their SUV and drove off to the Interstate.[1] He took part in Carlos' raid on Detroit, Michigan's Umbrella facility, but was detected by the Umbrella Security Division and killed.[2]


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