Joe was a member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.


During their investigation of the murders in the Arc Lei Mountains,[note 1] the team caught site of a train moving through the prohibited area. Refusing to slow down, Joe; John and Rebecca dropped down to the roof to investigate. Joe and John were soon after surrounded by a group of shadowy figures, and a firefight broke out. After an occupant on the train, Tom, set off a grenade, a virus spread around.[1] Joe was infected and began degenerating into a zombie. Trying to fight off the virus, he was able to call out Rebecca's name when he found her. She ran up to him, asking where John was, suddenly discovering his condition. An escaped Hunter then appeared, slashing him to pieces.[2]


Further notes

Given his long hair in some panels, Joe may have been based on Forest Speyer.


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