DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Joel was one of the members of Claire's convoy, and one of the few survivors of their travel into Nevada.


As the convoy moved through Nevada in 2007, the group found themselves attacked by a murder of crows. Joel and Cliff Nadaner got the kids out of the convoy schoolbus to get them away from danger.[1] When Umbrella's super Zomboids made their way into Las Vegas, Joel participated in the convoy's defence. When the Zomboids got through, Joel and Peter-Michael Sullivan ran over to The Venetian. Alice Abernathy dispatched the Zomboids, allowing the two to continue running on their way to the convoy's ambulance, overseen by Carlos Olivera.[2]

Joel; Dorian; Claire and the children later took an Umbrella helicopter over the Canadian Rockies in search of a safe heaven in Alaska.[3]


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