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Joseph Pascazzi was a detective of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who became involved in a bioterror incident.[1]


Pascazzi had been working in Pittsburgh police as a detective for a substantive amount of time prior to the Pittsburgh Incident and was familiar with the surroundings of the city.

Pittsburgh Bioterror Incident[]

After a bombing incident at the Carnegie Museum of Art which resulted in the death of security guard Monica Posey, Pascazzi and the bureau's officers investigated the crime scene and interrogated the staff members that had been there at the time of the incident. Finding no result, the staff were released. Pascazzi checked in with the bureau and cross-referenced with other law-enforcement agencies, but yielded no clues as to who the preparator was.

Shortly afterwards, USSTRATCOM agent Leon Scott Kennedy was sent in to investigate, operating as a representative on behalf of the FBI after the bomb was reported to be of a similar model to one used in a previous bombing which he had been investigating. Pascazzi relayed the bureau's information to both head of security Jamal Hawkins, and museum director Abigail Schwartz.

After Hawkins pointed out that the security system did not catch the moment that the perpetrator planted the bomb, Kennedy concluded that the bomb was planted with the help of an inside mole. An hour later, Kennedy checked the staff's personnel files in the break room only to find Mack Storm, who was involved in the past bombing case, and headed out to question him. Pascazzi accompanied him to Storm's residence in McKees Rock.

Kennedy and Pascazzi visited Storm's home in Church Avenue only to find that the house had not been occupied by anyone for an extended period of time. The pair came across a freezer containing the corpse of the real Mack Storm. Upon hearing the noise from the front door, Kennedy and Pascazzi found the gun-wielding fake Mack. During the chase, Pascazzi was shot in the shoulder and injured while Kennedy continued pursuit. Pascazzi waited for medical attention while Kennedy informed him of the getaway van's license plate before going upstairs to find documents of the supposed tenant of that apartment named Frank Wright.

Sometime after, Pascazzi was hospitalized at the Allegheny General Hospital where he was visited by Kennedy. Kennedy briefed him about the current state of his investigation and the incidents at the Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner and Willie Stargell Community Center. Kennedy later returned to ask Pascazzi about the Population Correction Movement, with Pascazzi recalling that he had arrested several members of the group two months prior. Pascazzi suddenly went into cardiac arrest mid-conversation and was pronounced dead at 5:07 PM despite efforts by hospital staff to resuscitate him. Without warning, Pascazzi reanimated as a zombie moments later.