Further notes

Campaign mode

Josh acts as an AI partner in the campaign.

Josh used Chris' Melee moves during the oil refinery when he is a temporary partner. The most notable being the Hook and the Stomp. Also, while acting as a temporary partner at the oil refinery Josh can participate in Melee Combos, using the Haymaker and Backhand. If the player's character enters dying status, Josh can save them if he is closer to them than the CPU partner, he will however not attempt to save you if your partner is nearby. However, Josh will not save you if you are grabbed by an enemy, regardless the distance between the player and the partner.

The Mercenaries Reunion

Josh Stone is a playable character in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Mercenaries Reunion mode.


  1. The M3 shotgun loaded with 7 shells, with an extra 10 shells in his inventory.
  2. A Rocket launcher
  3. A M92F handgun loaded with 100 rounds, with an extra 10 rounds in his inventory. This weapon is BSAA issued and what Josh uses in Resident Evil 5 and Desperate Escape.
  4. 3 Hand Grenades
Position Attack Strength
Head Hammer Blow 500 HP
Head (With Barry or Sheva) Maximum Straight 1200 HP
Arm (Front) Backhand 300 HP
Arm (Back) Iron Tackle 500 HP
Leg (Front) Power Kick 400 HP
Leg (Back) Suplex Instant Death
Grounded Elbow Drop 1200 HP
Combo Finisher (front) Choke Slam 4000 HP
Combo Finisher (back) Dynamite Kick 4000 HP
Grapple Breaker Barrel Roll 800 HP
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