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Jun Shī was a Chinese-American soldier, who was the younger brother of Shenmei and the grandson of Yu En. He served in the US Army Special Forces squad Alpha Two under Colonel Wilson during the Penamstan Civil War.[1]


In 2000, during Penamstan Civil War, he and his squad "Alpha Two" were infected with a mutagenic virus that increased their physical strength and combat performance, his team was then deployed to test their performance in the field but it went awry as their helicopter was shot down and the incapacitated soldiers became Zombies. The Mad Dogs led by Captain Jason rescued him as the only survivor of the crash.

They went to a shelter where Jun Shī is heavily injured, they planned to stealthily bring him back to base by gagging him but the squad was then attacked by hordes of zombies and all of them were bitten. Choosing to protect his comrades, Jun Shī gives the squad all of the inhibitors and he is subsequently turned.

They managed to get back to the base with him in the body bag, his sister Shenmei manages to pick up their transmission and goes to see them, to her horror she opens the body bag to find her zombified brother, Jason then informs her of his sacrifice. He decides not to inform the HQ but instead goes to contact to their grandfather Yu En, and using his status and connections as the head of a conglomerate, Yu En manages to smuggle him to his family's mansion, where he spent six years trying to rid Jun Shī of the virus.

in 2006, Shenmei visits them after escaping from a safehouse in Shanghai where she finds her grandfather telling story to sooth him. When agent Leon Scott Kennedy demands her to tell him what she and Jason were truly up to by holding their secretary Hao Ran hostage, she blames Wilson for turning her brother into what he is now, slowly disfigured and eaten away by the virus. They managed to extract the chip out of his body in order to expose Wilson for his crimes.

The mansion is suddenly bombed, with their secretary crushed and Yu En hugging his grandchild in their last moment before all of them were killed by the debris save for Shenmei, who Leon manages to save and escape with.



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