Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Justin Hanson (ジャスティン・ハンソン?) was a civilian in Raccoon City known for being a kleptomaniac by the officers of the Raccoon Police Department. He ended up being one of the thousands of victims of the viral outbreak that consumed the city.


On August 14, 1998 Justin was confiscated inside the Raccoon Police Station's waiting room for acting suspiciously, he tried to escape an officer by pretending to be confused, but was ultimately arrested.[1]

At some point during the viral outbreak in Raccoon City it broke out, he was found dead in a jail cell bed inside the station, with a hidden key stuck in his hand due to rigor mortis and his body was placed inside the Morgue.[2] However, because he was infected with the t-Virus, Justin had not actually died and his zombified body remained inactive in the morgue's drawers until the night of September 29. He then stood up to attack the survivors after they took out his key.



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