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K-Mart is a young girl that was rescued by Claire Redfield's convoy sometime during the Global T-Virus pandemic.


Resident Evil: Extinction

In Resident Evil: Extinction, K-Mart explains that she was named "K-mart" because she was found there.

During the events of the film, K-Mart is shown riding in Claire's Humvee; besides Claire, K-Mart is also close with Carlos and Mikey. She befriends and looks up to Alice as well and gave her a bracelet for luck. When Alice inquires about her real name, K-Mart explains that she "never liked" her old name and given the circumstances, it was "time for a change".

K-Mart often avoided danger by staying out of sight, however, she does not shy from a fight (particularly when cornered); during the fight in Las Vegas, she manages to kill a Super Undead, shooting it in the head with a Shotgun. She is nearly killed by a zombified L.J., who had succumbed to his infection after a long enduring battle, while hiding with her in a vehicle; however, she is saved by Carlos, who was bitten and infected by L.J. in the process. In the end, she is one of the few who survive long enough to depart in a helicopter piloted by Claire on the way to Alaska and is upset that Alice is not coming.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, it is revealed that the message from Arcadia is actually an Umbrella trap; K-Mart and the other survivors are ambushed in Alaska by Umbrella forces, who then attached a device to their chests. Claire manages to escape, but K-Mart and the other survivors are brought to the Arcadia, a massive Umbrella tanker that was broadcasting the message in order to lure survivors in for experimentation.

When the ship reaches Los Angeles, Alice, Claire and Chris Redfield board the ship and find the room where everyone's being held in stasis. K-Mart is the first to be released and is momentarily confused from her imprisonment. She later joins the fight against Wesker in time to knock Bennett out and toss Alice her shotgun, allowing Alice to temporarily defeat Wesker.

K-Mart stands out on deck with the other survivors at the end of the film, listening to Alice's message of hope being broadcast, and watched as the fleet of Umbrella gunships approached their position.

Resident Evil: Retribution

K-Mart did not appear in Resident Evil: Retribution. When asked, Spencer Locke[1] stated that she would not be reprising her role. During the attack on the Arcadia, K-Mart, Chris and Claire were captured by Umbrella.[2]

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

K-Mart did not appear in The Final Chapter and Claire does not reveal what happened to her or Chris.

Appearance and wardrobe

Resident Evil: Extinction

K-Mart wears an orange undershirt and wears a brown belly shirt over it. She wears a brown vest that contains some rifle bullets. She has a green cap on her head and also wears black glasses sometimes. Her brown skirt is almost knee length and is help up with her black utility belt. Her legs are covered white leggings, which are covered up by black leg warmers, which is covered by red and white socks. She also wears beige ankle-length boots.

Her blonde hair is styled in multiple hair styles, and she wears them with bangs.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

K-Mart wears her Extinction outfit in the flashback, but throughout the film, K-Mart wears white long sleeve crew neck with custom silver holes added on front and bar code added on left sleeve, white slim fit pants, and comfortable white shoes, the typical Umbrella subject outfit.

Her blonde hair has grown and is cleaner and flows down her back.

Further notes

  • In the novelization and in the film's deleted scene, it is revealed that K-Mart has a crush on Carlos.
  • K-Mart was originally named "Elizabeth Jane Case" as shown in the draft script.[3]
  • The bio briefly given in Afterlife on the Umbrella computer Claire accesses gives her name as K-Mart and lists her age as 19.