KING'S FOUNDATION LIMITED, known in Chinese as "Hàoyī, Ltd." (浩一有限公司), was a Hong Kong-based publishing company which sold manhua from 1992 to its dissolution in 2005.


King's Foundation was founded in April 1992 by Wen Qiming (文啟明) under his "Cowman" (牛佬) pseudonym. In 1998, KING'S FOUNDATION bought a license to create a manhua adaptation of Resident Evil 2. The sixty issue "BIO HAZARD 2" ran from February 1998 to April 1999. KING'S FOUNDATION were not given a license to write more game adaptations, Capcom instead giving the license to Tinhangse Publishing. Following the comic's run, Ching Win Publishing Co., Ltd. bought the rights to publish it in Taiwan, with the issues compacted to make twenty issues. The title was also changed to the game's Taiwanese name, Evil Castle 2 (惡靈古堡2).


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