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Kate (ケイト Keito?) was a boarding school girl who attended St. Lucia's Girls' School with Rain Rubens, who was her roommate.[1] She was infected with the t-Virus while on Gadiwell and had to be killed.


While boarding a ferry to the Gadiwell island along with her friend Rain, who is visiting her uncle Bale. She was nearly knocked off the ferry when an ship collided with whirlpool until an CRW soldier named Norse Chirac catch her on time. She and Rain thank him and they continue to have a chatter above on deck.

When the ferry arrive, Kate ask Norse to carry their luggage up to Bale's house and offer to guide him to inn that he will be staying for the night. They arrived at the house only to find the door lock with a huge lock. Rain thinks that her uncle might be at Robert's shop which is the only pub in the village, drinking beer. They arrived at the pub only to find out that he is not here and has not been seen for four or five days, the owner suggests that he might be hunting. The three guide Norse to the inn with Kate grumped and complaining that she hates camping out.

They arrived at the place only to find a vacant lot where it should have been. They are then stalked by figure in the woods which Rain realizes that it was Paul. He warns the trio to leave the island as soon as morning and lock the door tight when they sleep. The three reluctantly returns to Bale's house. After Norse helps the girl settle inside, he heads out but Kate insists that he stay with them for the rest of the night. After some careful consideration, he complies to their request.

The next morning, Kate takes a walk early in the morning to see an movie being filmed there after hearing about it's presence on the ferry and sees the filming crew. Norse and Rain both look for her after Rain thinking that she was with Norse and Norse fearing that she was taken by creatures with footsteps he had heard prior yesterday. Kate repeatedly invites Rain to come down and meet them but Rain objects, fearing for her uncle's safety more. She complies with her request and the three go on to search for him.

When they head for her uncle hunting ground, Norse is checking for the truck but Kate screams, noticing something in the woods. He chases after the figure and orders the girls to stay in the car. Their car is later ambushed by two zombies, Norse attacks the pair and tries to get the car to move but is unsuccessful. Norse directs the girls to run into the woods. On the run, Kate had accidentally slid down through the steep slope and is caught by Beardsley's men. Norse tries to look for her but is unsuccessful.

Kate manages to leave trails leading to her whereabouts, leaving her blue sneakers on the entrance to the lab and her gold lock chain in front of the passageways. Kate later had her eyes gouged out and zombified. Mylène Beardsley later serves Rain with soups containing her eyes and Norse takes it upon himself to kill the infected Kate.