Prime universe
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Katherine Warren (キャサリン・ウォーレン Kyasarin Wōren?) was the daughter of Raccoon City's mayor, Michael Warren.



Almost nothing is known about Katherine's life other than that she was recognized for her beauty, which was seen as befitting her position as the mayor's daughter.[1]

Raccoon City Incident and Death

During the t-Virus epidemic that hit the city, placing more value on his own life than his daughter, the mayor fled Raccoon City once the outbreak became evident.[2] Katherine ended up in the protective custody of Brian Irons, chief of police at the Raccoon Police Department. Increasingly deranged, he planned to kill her and turn her into a taxidermy trophy. At some point, she became aware of the police chief's intentions and ran away from him, something he deliberately allowed in order to hunt her down later.[3] On September 29, Irons finally killed her, though accounts differ as to if she was killed in the Raccoon Police Station or the Orphanage.[4][5] Likewise, the sources differ about where Irons took Katherine's body, with one account stating that he took her to his secret Taxidermy preparation room under the Police Station, while another states he took her to the Orphanage.[6][7]



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