Further notes
  • Her proper first name was not given until the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2, her third appearance in the game series. Before that, she received several names in the works of the Resident Evil franchise:
  • She is seen alive for the first time (in her debut playable appearance) in the non-canon 'The Ghost Survivors' DLC featured in remake version of Resident Evil 2.
    • In the scenario presented Katherine manages to kill Chief Irons in self-defense, taking the keys to the prison cells shortly afterward. She fights for survival across the city to the precinct, where she finds Ben Bertolucci in the jail cell. She frees him and the two flee the city together.[1][2]
      • In the same DLC, Katherine is portrayed as the love interest of Ben Bertolucci. As the scenario is officially non-canon, the two characters’ relationship remains unconfirmed.
  • A file in the Outbreak chapter of Resident Evil Outbreak hints that Katherine was not the first murder victim at the hands of Irons, as it mentioned that at least eight females had disappeared, that they could also be heard wailing underneath the sewer, and the females all matched a similar physical profile to her.
  • When first accessing the Passage to Irons' office in Resident Evil 2 original, the player (as Claire) can actually hear Katherine screaming (presumably from being killed by Irons).
  • In the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2the last entry of the Taxidermy Log located in Chief Irons office is probably most likely indirectly about Katherine: Pig (Female, 22 years old), Place of Capture: Raccoon City, Length: 5'3", Weight 110Ibs along with a brief description: The specimen's body is soft, sweet, and white all over. And it is all mine. Forever.


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