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[[Category:The Hive characters]]
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Kathy was a nurse at the Raccoon General Hospital. She died during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, and at some point reanimated.


Kathy is unlockable as a playable character and is a Cindy-type character. She can be unlocked in file 1 by completing the Hive when special conditions are met or file 2 via data convert. She starts with a mix of red, green, and blue herbs.

A second version of Kathy also exists that's used for Zombies. This version can only be obtained via gameshark or a similar device and will not have proper stats, making her unable to cause damage and run very slow. Gameshark codes or codes from a similar device may be used to give her proper stats.

Further Notes

  • Kathy is a template for one of the female nurse zombie types in The Hive scenario from Resident Evil Outbreak.
  • The Zombie version of her has a large amount of blood near its neck indicating that she probably had a vital artery punctured by the Zombie that bit her.


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