Kazuhiro Aoyama is a Japanese games developer who worked at Capcom from 1995-2004. He is known for directing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Aoyama was born in the city of Nagoya, Aichi, and studied at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Nonoichi, Ishikawa.


Soon after joining Capcom, Aoyama was put onto the development team for Resident Evil, released the following year.[1] Following this he was moved to the Resident Evil 2 development team, and continued in it after the game was heavily altered.[2] Aoyama is identified as the person who named the "Licker" enemy created in the new version,[3] and is also credited with the creation of "The 4th Survivor".[4]

In 1998 he was selected to work on Shinji Mikami's new project. Fearing Resident Evil 2 was a radical enough departure from the original title to potentially alienate fans, Mikami and the franchise supervisor of the time, Yoshiki Okamoto, worked to create a new game more true to the themes of the original. Aoyama was assigned as director of this game, which would later become Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[5]

Aoyama retired from Capcom in 2004.



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