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Kazunori Kadoi (門井一憲 Kadoi Kazunori?) is a Capcom game designer who has been working for the company since the 1990s.


Kadoi's first project was the original Resident Evil, where he worked on the system planning and camera teams. He was the first person to beat the game with a Knife Clear, having been assigned to accomplish the ask to check to bugs.[1] Following this he worked on Rockman Dash. In 1998 Kadoi was assigned to the Resident Evil CODE:Veronica R&D team as a stage planner.[2]

Following CODE:Veronica, Kadoi worked on Capcom Production Studio 1's Resident Evil Outbreak as a character designer, and also directed the "flashback" and "end of the road" scenarios. In 2005, Kadoi was assigned to the Resident Evil 5 R&D team as a lead designer.[3] In 2009 he played a similar role for the Resident Evil 6 R&D team. Following this Kadoi worked on Resident Evil: Revelations 2. He was interviewed by Square Enix.

In 2018, he was revealed to be the director of the remake of Resident Evil 2.