Keith uses a pair of kukris that can hit enemies twice with one button press. He swings them downward. He also uses them during his melee attack which is a knife combo. Keith also has the added benefit of doing 100% more knife damage in Raid Mode due to his "CC Mastery" skill.

Note: Evident from the damage displayed in Raid Mode, each hit does the same amount of damage as the other knives. Because Keith is described to do "100% more" while in Raid mode, this could mean while in Campaign mode each kukri hit actually does half as much damage as the knives. (Making them total to the same amount of damage if both hits land.)

In the Port versions of Revelations, Keith has an additional costume that puts him in a ninja outfit which reskins his kukris into ninja swords for his knife and melee attacks, Keith named these swords "Shinjuku & Shibuya", which are two Tokyo districts in Japan.[1]


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