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Keith Lumley is a Special Operations Agent that served under the BSAA's European branch of operations under the call sign of "Grinder".


Valkoinen Mökki Airport

"Feels like something's gonna jump out!"
In 2005, Keith, along with his partner Quint Cetcham, was deployed by Clive R. O'Brian to infiltrate and investigate the Valkoinen Mökki Airport. There, they witnessed a Veltro agent violently mauled to death by a Farfarello B.O.W., which allowed them to obtain the key for the crashed airplane's computer. After collecting the key, they made their way to the crash site, previously visited by Jessica Sherawat and Chris Redfield.

There they met even more Farfarello and the Fenrir B.O.W.. After defeating the creatures, they used the key to access the airplane's computer, allowing them to report back to headquarters, telling the director the coordinates of the ship that Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani were supposedly on board. O'Brian then informs Jessica and Chris of the situation and sends them on a rescue mission.

They later return to the airport to hack into the computers, where Keith is forced to take on a horde of Farfarello, Fenrir, and ordinary Hunters, while Quint tries to access the data. After surviving the waves of B.O.W.s, Quint finally puts all the information together, and realizes that the mastermind behind the whole Veltro revival act was none other than director O'Brian himself to put heat on FBC's Morgan Lansdale.

An ordered air strike bombing the airport is then initiated, with Quint & Keith barely making it out alive. In the end, Keith and Quint are revealed to have escaped the bombing, and Keith was later assigned as a leader of BSAA's East African branch.

Resident Evil.NET

Keith is an obtainable diorama figure on Resident Evil.NET awarded as a random prize through using a Genesis Scratchcard.

"A talkative womanizer known as "Grinder" due to his attitude to dating. Although Keith can usually be found in the company of various women when off duty, his multiple honorable deeds as part of an elite mercenary unit earned him a place in the BSAA. His daily arguments with Quint, whose geeky inclinations and lack of confidence with women are often a target for Keith's jabs, have almost become a pastime for him."


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