Ken Lally is a motion capture actor known for playing Albert Wesker in the 'video storyboards' used for cutscene production in Resident Evil 5.[1][2]

He also provided the voice of Robert Kendo for the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3.[3]


Making of Resident Evil 5 - Ken Lally and Nina Fehren

Lally performing a scene with Nina Fehren.

"I wanted to create someone who felt his environment instead of saw it, which is why I kept his chin lower because he was just trying to listen and counting on his peripheral vision and just kind of not really focusing on anything."
— Ken Lally on his characterisation of Wesker

Lally's scenes were recorded in a greenscreened set in Los Angeles. In cutscenes where Wesker was to be featured with a character, Lally performed the scene with their actor to make the acting more realistic.



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