Kenichi Iwao (岩尾賢一 iwao ken'ichi?) is a writer known for his work on the script to the original Resident Evil[1] as well as Parasite Eve.

Contributions to Resident Evil

Kenichi Iwao's experience with Resident Evil began when the original title was midway through development. Management was opposed to Shinji Mikami's disinterest in writing a script,[2] and he reluctantly had the story changed from the protagonist fighting ghosts in a mansion to a group of cybernetically-enhanced special forces unit investigating a mansion where a rogue scientist was creating bizarre creatures. With Iwao attached to the project, the futuristic elements were quickly removed as an early example of "bio-real", while the Umbrella Corporation the top-secret bio-weapons market were created to give greater reason for why monsters would be created. According to Resident Evil 2 director Hideki Kamiya, it was Iwao who came up with the "Clay virus", which would eventually become known as Progenitor.[3] In his story notes, he also established that the t-Virus could not reanimate the dead, but simply gave the impression of death by shutting down the organs of infected people; this would be continued by Noboru Sugimura.


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