Kevin Dooley; while not being a S.T.A.R.S. member, accompanied Bravo team voluntarily as the helicopter pilot for Bravo team; with Edward Dewey being the co-pilot, during the mansion incident.[citation needed]


In the events that transpired during Bravo team's investigation, he was forced to land in the middle of Raccoon Forest after the team's helicopter suffered from an engine failure. He stayed behind to watch over the helicopter and its equipment while the members of Bravo team investigated the area.[1]


Kevin Dooley's dead body

Kevin's Death

Whilst waiting for Bravo team to return, he was attacked by a number of Cerberi in the Helicopter. His mutilated corpse was discovered by a S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team member; Joseph Frost the following night, shortly before he too was killed by the Cerberus pack.[2]


Kevin Dooley did not exist in the original versions of Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero. In Resident Evil, Joseph finds the dismembered right-hand of Edward Dewey.[3] This was also used in the E3 2000 edition of Zero, where Rebecca Chambers encounters an injured Edward missing a hand.[4]

When the GameCube remake of Resident Evil was released in 2002, it replaced Edward's hand with Joseph finding Kevin's corpse; creating the character. This prompted the developers of Zero to make a slight change in the plot. In the re-modelled version, Bravo team leave Kevin in the helicopter to make repairs, and Edward's hand is left intact.



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