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Kevin and Jim is an online-only ending for Resident Evil Outbreak, in which Kevin Ryman and Jim Chapman are forced to stay behind in Raccoon City as the missiles are launched. Thanatos is revealed to have survived its defeat by their hands, and proceeds to attack. Completing the level with this ending earns the player 50 points.[1] The ending can also be obtained in single player mode if playing as Jim, not using Daylight, not having a Daylight sample in the inventory and having Kevin alive by the end of the scenario.


Kevin (monologue): "I've stayed behind."
"I can't let the virus leave the city."

Jim (monologue): "I can't leave now that I'm infected."
"I've chosen to stay behind."
"What an idiot..."

Jim: "Damn! This sucks!"
"I have to stay behind so I won't infect others—I get that."
"But to get stuck here with you, of all people! Ugh!"
"I don't mean I hate you or nuthin'."
"I just would have preferred some fine lookin' woman. You know what I'm saying."
"Anyways, there's no guarantee that they're coming back even if we wait here."
"How long are you planning on giving them, anyway?"
"This is stupid!"
"Man, why are we wasting my time!?"
"We're gonna starve to death...or end up somebody else's lunch, I'm telling you!"

Kevin: "Be quiet! Or you'll make yourself hungry."

Jim: "What!?"
"No. No way..."

Kevin: "See? Never a dull moment."
"Now, let's finish this like men."

Jim: 感染した体じょ街からは出られない

Jim: ちぇっ…最悪だよ!
せっかくなら美人と一緒のほうがよかったよ わかるだろ?
こんなの、 貴重な時間をムダにするだけだ!
このまま飢え死にか、 食われるか…

Kevin: 静かにすろよ 腹が減るぞ

Jim: 何だよ!
ま、 まさか…

Kevin: そら、 な・・・退屈しねえだろ?
最後ぐらい、 カッコつけようじゃねえか



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