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Kijuju Autonomous Zone Soldier 2

A KAZ soldier inspecting Sheva.

The army of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone was responsible for the defence of the West African territory from foreign intervention. As tensions inside the community increased, a wall topped with barbed wire was erected to protect others from the growing uncivility. Operating at checkpoints, the army was authorized to allow the BSAA entry into the perimeter during their investigation relating to Ricardo Irving's bio-weapon deals.


Their weapons consisted of AK-74s and other Soviet-era weapons.


Their uniform consisted of OD combat fatigues, black combat boots, and a red beret.

Further notes[]

  • They are very similar to the Base Majini, sharing the same uniform. It could be that these Majini are former army personnel.
  • Only one soldier has been seen, at least uninfected. This was during the introductory cinematic "Welcome to Africa".