Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)


Kijuju (キジュジュ?) is a city in West Africa. Its precise location and country of origin is unknown, though as of the early 21st century it is part of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.



Kijuju itself is a very isolated city, based on both sides of the mouth of a river flowing into a large lake. Its outskirts are bordered by mountains, savannah and, eventually marshland, making it completely isolated. The river separates the more prosperous and well build parts of the city from the shanty-towns to the south.


Kijuju had a thriving economy before the Civil War which engulfed its country. Seen from evidence of the 2009 BSAA operation, Kijuju had a port on the waterfront for the transport of coffee beans, and are likely also used for fishing. On the edge of the city itself was a large quarry, which was able to transport produce long-distance through use of a railway yard. While the coffee industry was thriving in 2009, the railway lines had yet to be repaired since the war and, consequently, rail travel was useless. The city also had a growing technology industry, with the Amani General Service Agency providing computer service training.



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