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Kijuju, the region's namesake.

The Kijuju Autonomous Zone (キジュジュ自治区?)[notes 1] is a self-governing region of an unidentified West African nation.[1] Its official language is Swahili.


At an undefined report considered recent in 2009, the civil war that had ravaged the country came to an end with the overthrow of the government. Economically, Kijuju was relatively-untouched by the war, owing to the mining industry.[2] However, the country's railway networks were destroyed.[3] A radio propaganda speech by the Instigator Majini makes mention of two ethnic groups, the Ye tribe and the Waapi, the former apparently being a minority in the country, but the majority population in Kijuju. In the speech, he declares triumph that the Ye have successfully couped the Waapi-led government and calls for a country-wide ethnic cleansing of the Waapi.[4]

In 2008, the BSAA spy Reynard Fisher confirmed the presence of international fugitive Ricardo Irving in Kijuju. Irving was notorious for running black-market bio-weapons deals and testing B.O.W.s in Africa, and so it was suspected by the BSAA that bioterrorists may be present in the region. Fisher became aware of a blog being run by a local immigrant worker called Adam, which described the unusual and rapid increase in xenophobic nationalism. It also detailed the appearance of "tentacled" animal corpses and reports of decapitated dogs, which led to the BSAA's suspicion that Irving had gotten his hands on the Plaga parasites, which they had become aware of through the "Kennedy Report".

In reality, it was not Irving that was leading the trade; he was merely the frontman. Irving was working for Tricell Inc, Africa's natural resources department, where he used the oil profits to fund the company's CEO, Excella Gionne in her bio-weapons research program working to achieve the goals of bioterrorist Albert Wesker. The Plaga parasites had been genetically manipulated for the purpose of becoming more 'marketable', while their release into the region was to demonstrate their potential to customers.

By early 2009. the military was sent in to stop any further spread by having a large wall built around the city, cutting through a large portion of the region. For unknown reasons, BSAA HQ neglected to bring up their suspicions to Special Operations Agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, who only discovered the connection to the Plagas first hand.


Further notes[]

A studio lot based on Kijuju was released for PlayStation Home. The player can engage in a treasure hunt for beetles, socialize with other gamers, buy costumes (namely Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar) and can start a game of Resident Evil 5 when the disc is in their PlayStation 3. With a save file for Resident Evil 5, the player can enter a secret area based on the butcher's shop, guarded by Reynard Fisher. There, they may read files on characters, companies and locations. The TV shows all five episodes of the Resident Evil 5 promotional videos.


  1. Japanese material, predominantly the BSAA Remote Desktop, refer to the area as キジュジュ自治区 (Kijuju jichi-ku Kijuju Autonomous Zone?). However, while "区" more-commonly translates as "Region", the "kijuju_衛星撮影 " 'Satellite feed' video confirms it as Zone.