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Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident[1][notes 1] was a violent rebellion conducted in the city of Kijuju and its outlying areas by Kijujuan nationalists in the aftermath of its country's civil war. Taking place over a period of a year between 2008 and March 2009, TRICELL, Inc. secretly provided the nationalists with Plaga parasites for the means of gathering combat data. With the parasite inducing violent aggression among hosts, the more hosts were created the larger the nationalists' army became. Ultimately this got the attention of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, who's investigation into the area, though suffering heavy casualties, succeeded in establishing a link between the nationalists; TRICELL and bioterrorist Dr. Albert Wesker. This resulted in the collapse of TRICELL shortly after.

Background Edit

Post-Civil War climate Edit

Kijuju gained autonomy following a civil war which ended sometime prior to 2008. Much of the infrastructure, such as the railways, was destroyed, harming trade. More xenophobic tensions began to arise among the Kijujuan nationalists, who were opposed to the quarry's hiring of foreign workers.

TRICELL, Inc. Edit

TRICELL, Inc. was a large international conglomerate which dominated Africa's oil industry, among others, having run a large oil refinery in the Kijujuan marshlands for a number of years. Tricell Inc, Africa, Excella Gionne's African holding corporation for TRICELL, began making deals with Dr. Albert Wesker sometime after 2004. Working on his Uroboros Project, Dr. Wesker required the assets of TRICELL to fund a laboratory and international abduction ring to provide test subjects. Tricell Inc, Africa then began researching the Plaga parasite, acquired by Dr. Wesker in the ruins of a Spanish island, for the purpose of marketing the organism to bioterrorists to fund Dr. Wesker's research. To keep TRICELL's ties a secret, oil tycoon Ricardo Irving was used by Dr. Wesker and Gionne to be their middle man. Given the great size of TRICELL, it was expected his involvement in their oil industry would not arouse suspicion.

By April 2008, the "Type 2" and "Type 3" Plaga species were completed, and Kijuju was used as the test site to prove their capabilities to black market buyers. The Ndipaya tribesmen of the coast and mashlands were selected to be involved in the "Type 3" Plaga experiment, with Irving taking advantage of his local familiarity to gain their trust in providing injections of eggs, claimed to be inoculations for a disease. The experiment resulted in the deaths of all women and young children in the tribe as a side-effect.[2][3] Following this, the "Type 2" Plagas were sold off to the Kijujuan nationalists for a larger scale test.

Rebellion Edit

Initial violence Edit

Kijuju square execution

Lynchings quickly became the norm in the square.

The earliest known sighting of Plaga-infested organisms were in December 2008. Americans Adam and Allyson, according to the former's blog, both noticed a rise in mutilated animal carcasses being left on the streets.[4] One of these was that of an Adjule, a Plaga-infested dog, which Adam reported was decapitated with the dead Plaga's tentacles exposed from its neck cavity. Suspicion at the time was placed on the local butcher shop,[5] and the tentacles were passed off as misidentification.[6] The animal carcass discoveries took place at the same time that nationalist propaganda was being placed on walls in the city, and that a number of workers in the quarry were receiving orders to move to quarries out of the region;[4] this was later found to be a rouse, and the workers were subsequently attacked by the nationalists and implanted with Plaga parasites to add to their army.[7]

On January 16, the nationalist atmosphere became increasingly evident when a man in sunglasses began ranting on how the migrants must be thrown out of Kijuju, portraying them as evil invaders.[8] Protests at the rise in xenophobic attacks descended into a chaotic bar brawl where the bar's owner was killed; the building destroyed and its alcohol ransacked.[7] By January 23 a number of murders were being committed by the nationalists, who burnt a large pile of badly-beaten corpses in the public assembly.[9]

On February 6, a hotel resided by foreigners was attacked by the nationalists, ending in a number of its guests being dragged out into the streets and killed. Fearing imminent deaths, the few remaining foreigners went into hiding.[10]

On February 13, the nationalists had reached a level of control in the city to begin holding public executions in the assembly, with foreigners continuing to be hunted down and detained prior to their beheadings by man wearing a black sack. The Plaga parasite had become so spread that it was a common sight for it to be publicly spread to new hosts and for Adjule and human corpses to cover the streets.[11]

Army intervention Edit

Photo in Kijuju

Covert BSAA agents confirmed a bio-weapons threat to the region.

On February 19 a photograph was taken of Ricardo Irving conducting a black market bioweapons deal with the ultranationalists, in which they were provided with Plaga parasites to transform them into Majini.[12] The Army was given notice of the threat and made their way into Kijuju the following day, erecting a wall around a part of the city lost to the ultranationalists, unwilling to enter it and allowing murders to continue in public.[13] With the exception of a guarded Civilian Checkpoint, entry in and out was unauthorised and illegal crossing by escapees subject to summary execution.

BSAA investigation Edit

The BSAA had been conducting an investigation into the region for several weeks. It was theorised by agent Reynard Fisher that bioterrorists were moving into the region while xenophobic attacks were increasing, though BSAA HQ insisted on more evidence.[14] This was partly due to HQ's insistence that the Plaga parasites, which Reynard suggested as an explanation, were not commercially viable for the black market. The discovery of Ricardo Irving was a game-changer to the investigation, as it not only confirmed a bioterror blackmarket dealer was meeting with the ultranationalists, but that the BSAA's North American Branch was now interested in taking part in the mission, Irving being a US citizen.[15]

The investigation after that was met with counterespionage from a Tricell agent within the BSAA. False information was supplied to the BSAA as to an upcoming black market deal between Irving and the ultranationalists. Information about the Majini also failed to reach its way to SOU agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, and photographs of Progenitor Flowers and Jill Valentine were leaked to lure Chris, should he arrive in the city.

On 6 March the North American branch's Alpha Team entered the city via the barricade to apprehend Irving, hiding their armoured car in a warehouse to avoid causing further attention. Storming the deal site, they were attacked by an Uroboros test subject left behind by Irving and Valentine, who had become an ally of Dr. Wesker. The entire team was killed, with several bodies absorbed into the creature's collective mass.

Alongside this failed mission, "Bravo Team", the SOU agents, entered the city on foot as tourists to collect information from agent Reynard Fisher, who himself was posing as a replacement butcher. While the two went out to the deal site to meet with Alpha Team, Fisher was discovered and arrested. He was then taken to the public square and executed as another traitor.[16]

With the mission of arresting Irving a failure, the BSAA ordered in the West African "Delta Team" to reinforce their soldiers in the area, who were reduced to two following the downing of their support helicopter. The unit rescued agents Redfield and Alomar during a surprise attack by Majini. Re-establishing a stronger presence in the area, Delta Team made camp at a village in the savanna while its leader, Captain Josh Stone, led a team into the wetlands to investigate the oil refinery. Agents Redfield and Alomar themselves encountered Irving in the quarry, but he fled into the wetlands. At the end of the night Delta Team was attacked by an Ndesu at the village, which killed those stationed there.

TerraSave supportEdit

Shortly after the BSAA's departure from the area, the international charity TerraSave arrived in Kijuju to provide medical support to the survivors of the violence. A number of Majini had survived the BSAA attack, however, and caused problems for the relief effort.[17][18]

Timeline of eventsEdit

Date Events
Thursday, December 25 Five men are taken away from the quarry to create Majini. To avoid suspicion, the official explanation is given that they have been reassigned to another quarry.
Friday, January 16 A bar for foreign patrons is destroyed by ultranationalists.
Friday, January 23 The bodies of foreign nationals and associates killed by the ultranationalists over the week and burnt in the open.
Friday, February 6 A hotel frequented by foreign nationals is attacked and guests dragged out and killed.
Friday, February 13
  • Public executions start being held by the ultranationalists.
  • Fisher reports his suspicions of bio-weapons being involved in the uprising.[19]
Monday, 16 February While the evidence is not enough to prove Fisher's suspicions of bio-weapons being in Kijuju, the BSAA chooses to act, with the possibility being treated as a theoretical certainty.[20]
Tuesday, 17 February Mike disputes the hypothesis that the bioweapons are Plaga, which are native to Spain. Fisher's reports suggest a bioweapons developer is testing in the area.[21]
Thursday, 19 February A photograph is taken of a suspected bio-weapons deal conducted between an American man and dissident soldiers.[22]
Friday, 20 February
  • An analysis of the photograph taken the previous day confirms the American is Ricardo Irving, a businessmen suspected of trading in bio-weapons. The BSAA begins an investigation of his international travels in relation to when bioterrorist incidents occurred in those countries.[23]
  • The BSAA tips-off the army on their confirmation of bioterrorism in the area; the army moves in to blockade the city.
Monday 23 February Agent Chris Redfield is selected as part of the Kijuju mission. The investigation moves towards assuming Irving is trading bio-weapons, but they still need irrefutable proof so any arrest must take place during a deal.[24]
Saturday, 28 February West Africa Branch finalises its mission plans, consisting of four teams. "Alpha Team", led by Captain DeChant, will enter via Gambits and arrest Irving at the market place. "Bravo Team", led by Redfield, will enter the market place out of uniform to observe the operation. "Delta Team", led by Captain Stone, will be on stand-by. Mathison will fly over the city and serve as a link between HQ and the ground teams.[25]


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